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Felix Gray: Avoiding Eye Strain with Style

If you spend time in front of a computer screen, you’ve probably experienced digital eye strain which can include headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and even shoulder and neck pain. While spending less time in front of a screen may sound like the ideal way to solve the problem, it’s not a realistic option for those of us that need to use computers, tablets, and cell phones on a daily basis.

White banner with variety of eyeglass frames from Felix Grey.

Enter Felix Gray, a company that has set out to make eyes happier in our digital world by offering eyewear equipped with proprietary clear lenses that filter blue light and eliminate glare, the two biggest culprits of eye strain. Even better, these nifty lenses sit inside classically inspired frames built from Italian acetate, so they look as great as they feel. 

Graphic of Felix Gray lenses highlights such as blue light filtering, glare reduction, color enhancement, and quality.

Felix Gray’s blue light filtering lenses are available with non-prescription, prescription, or reading lenses in three varieties: optical, sunglasses, and sleep glasses. They even offer glasses and sleep glasses for kids!

Ready to treat your eyes? We’ve rounded up their most popular styles below to get you started! Shop your favorites with MyUS, and you’ll pay no US sales tax while enjoying fast shipping to your international doorstep!

Optical, Sun, and Sleep Eyewear for Adults:

A man in black glasses in a checked shirt, a woman in tinted glasses in a gold shirt, and a woman in wearing sunglasses.

Nash in Pink Lemonade $95+

Pink eyeglass frames with information about how it helps support charity.

The Nash frame has an elegant square shape that's a beautiful fit for almost any face. It has the brand's signature keyhole bridge, but it's slightly narrower to provide a sense of steadiness and comfort. Choose from seven colors, including Lemonade, a light pink that has the added benefit of donating 10% of sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Kepler in Horn $125+

Acetate and metal eye glasses in brown.

The Kepler frame gives a modern twist to the classic 50's frame with a timeless mix of acetate and metal components. Choose from three frame colors, including Horn, a deep brown.  

Haro in Gold  $125+

Front view of gold rimmed eyeglass frames.

Prefer a minimalist design? Check out the Haro frame. Crafted from German-engineered metal, this sleek frame has subtle angles for an easy fit and comes with adjustable nose pads for added comfort. Available in Gold or Silver.

Faraday in Manatee $95+

Brown eye glass frames with limited edition sticker.

With a wider square lens and soft edges, the Faraday is a smart and chic frame with a classic look and perfect for those with a slightly larger face or anyone that prefers to see more lens than frame in their line of vision. Choose from five colors, including Manatee, a limited edition light brown.

Fermat in Gunmetal $95+

Front view of dark-lensed sunglasses in gunmetal frame.

The Fermat frame is a fan favorite because of it's classic Aviator style, polished metal, and sophisticated brow bar. Frame colors include silver, gold, and gunmetal (pictured above). 

Kelvin in Whiskey Tortoise $95+

Front view of sunglasses with tortoise frames and dark tinted lenses.

Step up your style with the Kelvin frame. It has a dipped browline that looks sleek and sharp on any face. Choose from five colors, including the above Whiskey Tortoise.

Optical and Sleep Eyewear for Kids:

Two kids in glasses and text

Kids Nash in Aquamarine $95+

Front View of translucent blue plastic eyeglass frames.

The Nash frame for kids has all the style and comfort of the Adult Nash, but it's specially sized to fit kids ages 4 through 13, with small and large sizes. Choose from four colors, including our current favorite, Aquamarine. 

Kids Roebling in Sazerac Crystal $95+

Kids Roebling in Sazerac Crystal, an brown plastic frame.

The Roebling frame for kids has a round, playful shape suits almost any child. It comes in small or large for kids 4-8 or 9-13, and four unisex colors, including Sazerac Crystal, a studious brown pictured above. 

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