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SimplyFun: Educational Games That Make Learning Fun

Wish you could find entertaining games your kids will fully enjoy and just happen to be educational too? Yes, you can—with SimplyFun!

SimplyFun was founded in 2004, but at the time, focused solely on developing traditional board games. After seeing how much kids enjoyed them, they got to thinking, why not create games that not only teach kids how to play, but that help them thrive? So in 2008, they launched a line of educational games that found an immediate audience with kids of all ages. From fun stories for preschoolers to math games for middle school students and teens, their games make learning fun. 

They are also committed to safety. Their products meet or exceed United States ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials) for toys and games and each game they create is also evaluated by their Play Advisory Council, ensuring the needs of different ages and skill levels are met. Their commitment to quality has helped them win over 200 awards from top organizations in the world of education, play, and parenting. SimplyFun is so confident that your family will love their games, they offer a 30–day money back return policy (excluding shipping charges) if you are dissatisfied with any product or for any other reason. 

To introduce you to SimplyFun, we’ve rounded up some of their best-selling games below. Shop their site with MyUS to pay no US sales tax and enjoy fast international shipping.

Digger's Garden Match $26

Multicolored game pieces from Digger's Garden Match next to its storage box

Designed for children ages 4 and up, Digger's Garden Match helps kids learn colors, shapes, and counting up to 50 as they see how many sides they can match. Great for developing spatial reasoning at any age. 
To play, match a side of your tile to either the shape or the color on other tiles to score points. Match multiple sides for a higher score and the player with the most points wins! Along with being fun, it develops listening, speaking, and counting skills. 

"Learn colors, shapes and counting up to 50 while you see how many sides you can match. Great for developing spatial reasoning at any age. " says gameschoolfun in their Instagram review. 

Ice Tumble $36

Ice Tumble game made up of ice blue building blocks next to its box

Looking for fun game to add to your family's game rotation? Check out Ice Tumble! In this spatial reasoning game, players take turns collecting ice blocks and carefully stacking them to make an ice sculpture, without any tumbling off. The first player to successfully place all of their ice blocks and their fox pawn on the sculpture wins the game! It's a game full of fun, excitement, and thinking skills for ages 7 and up.

"So much fun!! We love this game!" says pinkpolkadotsandprek on Instagram. 

Let's Drive $40

Cover of Let's Drive educational board game from Simply Fun with blue convertible

Winner of the Tilliwig Toy Awards for Top Fun, Let's Drive is a entertaining way for kids 8 and up to learn the location of US states, state capitals, and scenic locations throughout the United States. To play, visit locations around the US on the game board and earn a point for each destination. Visit the right combinations of locations to earn extra bonuses and the player with the most points wins!

Bid-A-Letter $36

Black cover with Bid-A-Letter game with

For Scrabble fun with a interesting new twist, check out Bid-A-Letter. This game builds vocabulary, sequencing, and planning skills as players bid a letter for the timing of their turns and a chance to add to a word-chain. Use all of your letter tiles first to win. Designed for kids ages 12 and up. 

Heard the News $36

Cover of Heard The News board game with investment illustrations

Learning about economics and investing is essential, but can be a little boring for kids—unless it's presented in a fun and engaging way, such as SimplyFun's Heard the News board game. In this strategic game, players explore the world of economics, making investments based on political and industry reports that change the relationships and opportunities throughout game play, and the investor with the highest profit wins!

15 to Zero $22.50

Red and yellow cover of 15 to Zero board game showing hands holding playing cards

Looking for a fast paced, fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Check out 15 to Zero! In this quick thinking addition game, you want to be the first player to get rid of your number cards. You can do it by matching them to an individual number on a single die or the sum of two or more dice each turn. This Mom's Choice Awards Winner is designed for ages 7 and up.

Handy $30

Cover of Simply Fun's Handy board game showing an illustration of three hands holding small balls of blue, green, orange, and purple

Keep players engaged and working together as a team with the hands-on game of Handy. To play, players draw finger cards that show players what to do, and they make hand trees by balancing balls with other players. The player or team that drops the fewest number of balls wins. It's like Twister for your hands!

"This game is pretty fun!  I usually don't like dexterity games, but this one has everyone involved at all times, and gets people laughing all the time." says Phelanpt in their product review on

Do You Know Shakespeare? $38

Cover of Do You Know Shakespeare?, showing a bookshelf with a bust of William Shakespeare

Filled with trivia, Do You Know Shakespeare? is a fun way to expand your knowledge of the Bard's greatest literary works. To play, place your pawns next to the answers you think are true and receive a shilling for every right answer. The player with the most shillings at the end of the game wins.

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