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12 Perfect Gifts to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Ready to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog? Chinese New Year 2018 falls on 16 February, and if you’re still looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones and friends, you’re in luck!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite traditional (and not-so-traditional) gift ideas, perfect to celebrate the Year of the Dog. Shop your favorites today from US websites, and pay no US sales tax as a MyUS member.

12. The Year of the Dog Children's Book $12

Book cover of dog and child sitting on tree with chinese characters

The first book in the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series, this charming book is the perfect Chinese New Year gift for kids. Buy it here.

11. Silk "Dog" Tie $150

Navy blue tie rolled up with dogs on it

This elegant silk tie is embroidered with dogs wearing colorful kerchiefs - an understated tie he’ll love wearing this year and for years to come. Buy it here.

10. Year of the Dog 2018 Chinese New Year T-Shirt $19

Black t-shirt with colorful dog on front and chinese characters

Your lucky recipient can celebrate Chinese New Year in style with this unique t-shirt featuring what else? A dog! Buy it here.

9. Lucky Red Envelopes for Gift Giving $8

6 red envelopes with animals and chinese characters on front

Gifting money for Chinese New Year? Decked out in red and gold, these envelopes are the perfect accompaniment. Buy in sets of 36 here.

8. Red Fleece Tunic $54

Red longsleeve shirt with cowl scrunched neck

This cozy fleece tunic has a convertible cowl neck for versatility, and looks great in lucky red. Buy it here.

7. Chinese New Year Highlighting Palette $75

Beige highlighter with dog design embossed in black and red container

This limited edition palette from Giorgio Armani will be a welcome gift for any woman on your gift list. Buy one here.

6. Puppy Bodysuit & Pant Set $28

Little boys puppy patterned polo body suit and gray pants

Have a little one on your gift list? This outfit from Little Me has comes with comfy grey pants and a bodysuit adorned with adorable puppies - perfect for the year of the dog. Buy the set here.

5. Handmade Chinese Zodiac Bracelet $16

Red bead bracelet with Chinese zodiac sign charm

Perfect for easy gift giving, this fun elastic bracelet made of red agate beads comes with the Chinese zodiac sign of your choice and a gift pouch. Buy it here.

4. Cosmetic Clutch $11

Pink and green cosmetic pouch with dog design

Perfect for carrying makeup, toiletries, art supplies, and any other small items, this cosmetic clutch makes a great gift for teens and young women. Buy it here.

3. Year of the Dog Stuffed Animal $7

Red stuffed dog with yellow ears and chinese character bib

This little Year of the Dog mascot is a fun gift for kids and adults. Buy it here.

2. Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves $33

Brown knit gloves with black tips on fingers

It’s the Year of the Dog, so why not “Salty Dog” gloves from The North Face? Buy a pair here.

1. Silk Scarf $129  

Multi colored and patterned silk scarf around woman's neck

Elegant and silky smooth, this gorgeous silk scarf in a kaleidoscope of colors feels luxurious and goes with just about anything. Buy it here.

We enjoy bringing our members new gift ideas, but some of the products featured above may have purchase restrictions, or may not take every form of payment. To find more information, please check with the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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