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Important Holiday Shipping Dates for 2012

If you’re shopping U.S. stores for your holiday gifts, we want to be sure you get them in plenty of time for your holiday festivities. Here are some important dates to keep in mind when shopping this holiday season:

To receive your packages by 25 December, ship by 19 December:

If you want to have your gifts by 25 December, please be sure your package arrives in your MyUS suite and is available for shipping no later than Wednesday, 19 December.

We will fill urgent ship requests as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee holiday delivery unless you submit your ship request on or before 19 December. Please keep in mind that many of our shipping couriers are closed and do not deliver packages on 25 December.

To receive your packages by 1 January, ship by 26 December:

If you want to have your packages in hand by the end of 2012, you will want to have them in your suite by 24 December.

Our couriers do not pick up on 25 December, so you’ll want to place your ship request no later than Wednesday, 26 December to ensure delivery by 31 December.

Some of our couriers are closed on 1 January, so please be sure to keep this date in mind when placing your ship requests.

Don’t Forget Customs Requirements!

Many local Customs offices have a large number of packages to inspect in December. If you suspect your local Customs office will hold your package, please be sure to submit your ship requests earlier so you can have your packages in time for your holiday celebration.


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