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Medical Supply Export Update

New Temporary Restrictions on the Export of Some Medical Supplies

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on health systems, the export of some medical supplies has been temporarily restricted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the US government. This restriction bans the export of certain scarce or threatened health and medical resources. 

This temporary restriction means the following items cannot be exported from the US until further notice:

  • Surgical N95 respirators
  • PPE surgical masks
  • PPE gloves / surgical gloves (nitrile gloves)
  • Level 3 and Level 4 surgical gowns that meet specified ANSI/AAMI requirements
  • Certain classes of syringes and hypodermic needles

The restriction of exporting these items is effective immediately and will last through at least 30 June 2021. However, this restriction could change before that date, depending on policy updates from FEMA. Click here to find more information on this temporary export restriction. MyUS will provide updates and additional information as it becomes available. 

MyUS members with any of the restricted items listed above already in your suite, or on the way to their suite, will be held safely in the MyUS warehouse. Members will not need to take any action. MyUS members may continue to send restricted items to their suite, but will not be able to ship them until restrictions are lifted.

Rather than storing items in their suite during this temporary restriction, MyUS encourages members to return packages containing restricted items to the retailer when possible. This can be completed in their online account.

While the export of items listed above is restricted, most other products remain ready and able to ship. Online stores and shipping carriers are still open for business, so shopping and shipping with MyUS is still a great way to get everything you need delivered to your doorstep. Find answers to frequently asked COVID-19 shipping questions here.

Enjoy the benefits of shopping US stores online for everything else you need and ship with MyUS!


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