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Model Kits To Build With Your Kids

Looking for a fun and entertaining activity you can enjoy with kids? Grab a model kit! 

Model kits are fun, educational, and available for a wide range of ages and interests, making them not only a great activity but a fabulous gift idea too!

Ready to find your next project? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular model kits found online below, and they can all be shipped internationally from US websites with MyUS!

LEGO Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 Building Kit $28.88

1974 Porsche 911 Turbo Building Kit from LEGO including car, driver, driving cones, and box

Kids and Porsche fans alike will love to build the LEGO Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 Kit.This 180 piece kit is designed for ages 7 and up, and includes everything you need to build a white, collectible toy car model of the classic 1974 Porsche 911, complete with a mini figure cockpit, removable windshield, and iconic ‘whale tail' rear spoiler. It also includes a mini figure with a racing helmet and three traffic cones. 

"My grandson loved this and quickly assembled his Birthday present in front of me! It was a winner!" says Linda Bean Merker in her five-star product review. 

Engineering/Excavator Robot Building Set $29.99

Excavator Robot Building Set shown in two designs with gift bag and instructions

Bring creativity and imagination to the forefront with this popular Engineering/Excavator Robot Building Set from NOIHK. With 342 pieces total, kids can build an excavator model, a robot model, or create their own new model with their imagination.

"This was a Christmas gift for our 7 yr old son from his grandparents. There are a lot (a LOT) of little pieces and this might have been quite advanced for his age but we worked on it together. He helped sort the smaller pieces into little dishes, count the holes on the brackets to make sure we had the right pieces, count down how many spaces we needed to place the "pins", etc. Lots of things for him to do and learn how important it is to follow the directions and use his 1st grade math skills to good use. He had fun and so did I. He was so pleased when it all came together. Good bonding time. So far it has held up well against a 7 yr old ;)" says
Rebecca W. in her glowing product review. 

LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Model Rocket Building Kit $143.99

LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket building kit with Toy of the Year 2020 seal

With the LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Model Rocket Building Kit for ages 7 years and up, you can build a modular, multi-stage rocket with cockpit, booster, and payload storage modules. This Toy of The Year for 2020 award winner also includes a monorail system with stops at the rocket, a research area, a launchpad with opening tower arms, and much more! Equally exciting, kids can use a mobile device for interactive play opportunities with the City Explorers app. 

"This was a gift for my 10 year old grandson and he absolutely loved it! The attention to detail was amazing! Those were his words! He thanked me over and over. Lego products are the best. I always know they will be a hit." says LaDonna Ebel in her five-star review. 

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle Expert Building Kit $137.99


Kids and adults of all ages will have fun with this Ship in a Bottle 21313 Expert Building Kit from LEGO Ideas. This expert-level set uses 962 pieces and features a ship with a captain’s quarters, cannons, a mast, a crow’s nest, sails, and a flag that all fit inside a LEGO "bottle" that sits on a display stand with complete with nameplate.

"This was a gift to my 9 year old grandson - a super Lego fan. He breezed along until he stumbled a bit on the bottle construction. A few days later he was back to conquer it. I'm so proud of his perseverance and happy to have been the gift giver of this wonderful project!" says Grandma Joyce in her five-star review.

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Resistance A Wing Starfighter Advanced Collectible Starship Model Building Kit $24.47

A Wing Starfighter LEGO building kit with mini figures and original box

Star Wars fans will love building and displaying this brick-built Resistance A-Wing Starfighter advanced collectible model playset. It features a cockpit that opens, retractable landing gear, wingtip cannons, a Lieutenant Connix Star Wars character, and much more. With 269 pieces, this kit is designed for ages 7 years and up.

"I have an eight year old grandson, and if he could give this a rating, it would be 10 stars. He loves anything lego or Star Wars - so this combination was a huge hit." says swelahc in his Amazon product review. 

Airfix Quickbuild Messerschmitt 109 Airplane Model Kit $15.96

Messerschmitt 109 model airplane from Airfix Quickbuild with a green, blue, and yellow body and black propeller

Build a Messerschmitt 109 Model Airplane with this easy kit featuring simple push-fit construction that requires no glue or paint—just decorate with the stickers provided and display it on its own stand when completed! Made for ages 5 and up.

"My ten year old loved it! Amazing detail for Lego type building kit. It is a great kit to bridge between bricks and a real injection molded plastic model kit. The stand enables the builder to display their handy work. Or take it apart and build it again. Fun viation history. We love it!" says 
Borgward Joe in his five-star review. 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Solar Space Explorers - DIY Moon Buggy and Mars Rover Model Kit $39.95

Two wooden Solar Space Explorers from a National Geographic model kit against a blue and white background

Designed for kids ages 6-18 years (and adults too!), the DIY Moon Buggy and Mars Rover Model Kit from National Geographic is a highly rated STEM toy for kids interested in construction and space exploration. It includes everything you need to create a solar-powered Moon Buggy and Mars Rover, including full-color illustrated instructions, solar panels, gear components, and laser-cut wooden components. And when your buggy and rover are complete, they'll move on their own in direct sunlight.

"This was fairly easy to put together. Lots of pieces but good instructions. This is the 3rd kit from National Geographic we have bought and they make some really good quality kits." says Anastasia Howell in her five-star review. 

Revell 1: 24 '70 Dodge Challenger 2 'N 1 Model Kit $30.78

Cover of Dodge Challenger building kit showing a Challenger painted orange and black

Looking for a good, old-fashioned muscle car building kit? Revell's '70 Dodge Challenger 2 'N 1 Model Kit is for you! Made for ages 14 and up, this highly rated kit can build one of two versions, factory stock or street machine with dual 4-barrel high-rise intake and comes with an optional custom hood and high ride dual-barrel intake, rear spoiler, a highly detailed interior, and more. You choose your paint color for a custom design that's truly yours (this Enamel Paint Set from Testors has a great selection of colors). 

"I bought this model for my son. He truly loved it and had a great time putting it together. It looks good and was easy enough for him to do." says James A. in his online Amazon review. 

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