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A New and Improved MyUS Account Experience is Coming!

You Spoke, We Listened.

As a MyUS member, YOU come first. We are on a mission to deliver delight with every opened box, and that includes making it easier to manage your MyUS shipments. 

Coming Mid-November: A Better MyUS Account Experience

For the past six months, we have been dedicated to creating a new MyUS member experience based on your needs and feedback. Your new account experience will do everything you can do today...but BETTER!

A More Intuitive Shipping Process

  • Real-time shipping cost estimates as you create a shipment
  • Calculate package option costs within a ship request
  • Shipping methods, rates and delivery times at a glance
  • Update your shipping preferences within the ship request
  • Clear view of all packages and items in a shipment
  • Simple, two-step process to send your shipment
  • Cancel a shipment AFTER you submit a ship request
Easier to Use Interface
  • Mobile-friendly--manage your account from a smartphone or tablet
  • Faster and simpler process to enter item values
  • Easy merchant invoice upload--and MyUS will apply values for you!
  • Login using your email OR you suite number
  • Simplified navigation makes it easy to find what is important to you
  • Quick links for easy access to your most visited areas
  • Duty and tax implication tips within the ship request
Easier to Understand Processes
  • Instantly view number of packages received and ready to ship
  • Clear indicators when a package needs your attention
  • Clear indicators when a package is being reviewed by our experts

FAQ About Your New MyUS Account

Will my username and password be the same?

You may now use either your account email address or your MyUS suite number to login. Your password will not change, but you will still need a password to enter your account.

Will the website address be the same?

When the new experience goes live in November, your link to log in will not change. You can still find it in the top right section of the MyUS website. The Web address for the new account experience will change. However, if you have the current login page bookmarked on your desktop or mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to the new login. 

Are key functions changing?

No, you’ll be able to do everything you can do today--we are just making it easier to use, based on your feedback. You will spend less time managing packages, and more time living life to its fullest!

Can I choose to keep the current member account experience?

Yes, you will have time to get comfortable with the new experience. Existing MyUS members will be able to switch between the current and new account experience until January 2016. 

We are Dedicated to Putting YOU First

We revolutionized the industry when we launched MyUS TruePrice™, the most straightforward, cost-effective way to calculate shipping costs. Now, we are launching a more helpful account experience based on what you said matters to you.

Our members mean everything to us, and we will continue to work every day to make you happy.


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