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Perfectly Posh: Pampering Skin Care & Beauty Products

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s important to carve out time for yourself. After all, a little pampering can go a long way to ease stress and lift your mood, and Perfectly Posh is just the company to help you indulge.

Founded in 2011, Perfectly Posh was built on some very simple principles: offer fun and pampering products made from naturally-based ingredients that encourage everyone to take a little time to indulge and pamper themselves. 

Along with using naturally-based butters, essential oils, fruits, nuts, flowers, and more in abundance and blending them into luxurious bases with amazing benefits, each product comes with a catchy name and unique story to keep your pampering experience fun.

Always cruelty-free, they use gentle animal by-products, like milk, honey, and beeswax, and also offer many product options for vegans. And to help everyone enjoy as much pampering as possible, Perfectly Posh offers a special promotion on their regularly priced products—Buy 5, Get 1 Free!

Check out some of their most popular products below, and remember, as a MyUS member, you’ll pay no US sales tax on your purchase and enjoy fast worldwide shipping!

Show Me the Honey Face Mask $20

Open white tub of Show Me the Honey face mask from Perfectly Posh

Formulated with Perfectly Posh's Whole Hive Complex (pure manuka honey, honey extract, royal jelly, and propolis) and blended with moisturizing glycerin, aloe, and a raw honey and vanilla fragrance, Show Me the Honey Face Mask is specially formulated to sweeten and soothe red, irritated, and sensitive skin. 

Hold Me Magical Unicorn Illuminating Primer $19

White and black ump dispenser of Perfectly Posh's Hold Me Magical Unicorn illuminating primer

Want to brighten and illuminate your complexion? You need to try Hold Me Magical Unicorn Illuminating Primer. Supercharged with energizing actives, moisture magnets, and brightening ingredients, this super-charged primer delivers a magically illuminated look with or without makeup—no filters necessary!

Red Carpet Swipe Moisture Tint for Lips $15

White bullet of Red Carpet Swipe moisture tint with clear cap from Perfectly Posh

Give your lips a natural kiss of cherry red tint with Red Carpet Swipe Moisture Tint for Lips, a luxurious moisture balm that softens and plumps for the perfect pucker. Swipe once for a subtle wash of color, or layer it on for a deeper, more saturated look. Either way, your lips will benefit from ingredients like shea, coconut, and jojoba that create a creamy cushion that soothes and hydrates. 

Rebound Face Mask for Men $20

White tube of Rebound Face Mask for Men with black cap from Perfectly Posh

Men's faces and necks tend to be rougher and tougher than women's, which is why Perfectly Posh created Rebound Face Mask for Men. Specially formulated with thermal mud, charcoal, and blue-green algae, it helps rough, tough skin rebound by clearing pores, tightening skin, and hydrating. This mask boasts the clean, masculine scents of sea salt, weathered woods, and musk.

Sassyooma Body Scrub Mild Exfoliating Jelly $20

White tube of Sassyooma body scrub with blue cap from Perfectly Posh

Help your skin look brighter and refreshed (and have a great time doing it) with Sassyooma Body Scrub Mild Exfoliating Jelly from Perfectly Posh. It uses orange peel and citrus extracts to gently massage, pamper, and exfoliate tired-looking skin, making it appear smoother, tighter, and brighter. And with a glycerin-based jelly, it naturally lathers into a light foam to cleanse, moisturize, and leave you with the fresh scent of sweet orchard citrus. 

Milking It Chunk Big Bath Bar $12

Milking It Chunk! big bath bar from Perfectly Posh in orange and cream wrapper

Perfectly Posh's Milking It Chunk Big Bath Bar soothes and calms even the most sensitive skin as it cleanses, helping to restore, soften, and rejuvenate skin to a healthier state with pampering ingredients like goat's milk, oats, honey, and coconut. Free from tallow, it won't strip or dry out your skin and neutralizes micro-tears to be non-irritating. 

So Perky Skin Stick $15

White tube of So Perky Skin Stick from Perfectly Posh with green and yellow label

Need a pick-me-up you can bring anywhere and use anytime? You'll love the So Perky Skin Stick! Just massage it on temples, in between eyebrows, on the forehead, and back of the neck. Formulated with energy-boosting botanicals and caffeine, it'll perk up you up and help relieve tension, improving mental alertness and clarity with peppermint, providing instant energy with caffeine, and uplifting senses and mood with essential oils, ginger, basil, and blood orange. It will keep your skin feeling soothed and nourished with pampering shea butter.

Very Sleepy Gumdrops $28

Pink and purple bottle of Very Sleepy Gumdrops from Perfectly Posh

Getting a great night's sleep starts with feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep in the first place. With 100% natural yummy strawberry flavor and natural color, Very Sleepy Gumdrops promote a better night’s rest with melatonin so you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up at the right time. Equally exciting, they also help renew and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

Cann I Be 225 mg Full Spectrum Oil $44

Brown tincture bottle of Cann I Be full spectrum oil from Perfectly Posh

Give your favorite Perfectly Posh products even more soothing, relaxing, and moisturizing with Cann I Be 225 mg Full Spectrum Oil. It's a non-psychoactive blend of full-spectrum oil derived from industrialized hemp and peppermint leaf extract that can be added to your favorite products, added to your bath, or used directly on pulse points for indulgent pampering. 

Shop pampering products from Perfectly Posh today and ship worldwide when you become a MyUS member.

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