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Need a New Cell Phone? Buy Pre-Owned from the United States and Save!

MyUS has partnered with Cellular Country to bring you a large selection of refurbished and pre-owned cell phones.

Buy the phone you want on sale from the United States, use your MyUs address when you checkout at Cellular Country's website, then we'll receive your phone, consolidate the packaging, then reship to the country of your choice (we ship all over the world).

You'll save on shipping thanks to our free consolidation service and our discounted rates with FedEx, DHL and other carriers

With mobile phones ranging from basic flip phones to the latest iPhone, Cellular Country can get you the phone you want at much lower prices.

Even though all Cellular Country phones are pre-owned, each phones comes with a FREE home charger and battery. In addition, all of their phones come with a 100% guarantee that the phone will work perfectly, just like a new phone.

Cellular Country sells four classes of phones:

Refurbished: These phones are just like new! They have been completely refurbished and come with battery, charger, manual and box.

Fair: These phones show a lot of wear, and may look like they have been heavily used. They are guaranteed to work, though, so a “Fair” condition phone is the one for you if you’re on a budget.

Good: A “Good” condition phone shows normal wear, but it works perfectly. You can save a lot of money by buying a phone with a few scuffs and scratches.

Excellent: These phones show very little sign of use, and many look just like new. When you buy an “Excellent” condition phone, you get the look and function of a new phone but at a much lower price!

If you’re in the market for a mobile phone, be sure to shop Cellular Country and save!


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