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Prohibited Items: What You CAN'T Ship Internationally

At MyUS, we frequently field inquiries regarding the intricacies of international shipping protocols. Understanding the nuances of prohibited items is paramount, given the dynamic nature of customs regulations.

Stay Informed: Customs Regulations in Flux

In an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, we emphasize the importance of direct inquiries with local customs authorities. Customs regulations are subject to constant revision, and the discretion of on-duty officials at the time of package receipt further adds to the complexity.

MyUS Guidelines: Tailored Insights for Each Nation

MyUS has meticulously compiled comprehensive guidelines for each country to facilitate a seamless process. These can be accessed on our website, providing precise import/export directives curated to meet individual country-specific requirements.

Comprehensive Overview: Prohibited and Restricted Items

For your convenience, we present a curated list of items typically prohibited or subject to restrictions globally:

  • Alcohol and Coffee
  • Animals and Agriculture
  • Combustible/Flammable Items
  • Currency, Stamps, and Coins
  • Perishable Foods
  • Furs, Skins, and Animal Parts
  • Gambling and Lottery Items
  • Government IDs and Uniforms
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Medications
  • Perfumes and Colognes
  • Political and Pornographic Material
  • Pressurized Cans
  • Tactical Equipment and Weapons
  • Vitamins and Supplements

Guidance for International Purchases

If contemplating the acquisition and shipment of items from the USA, validating permissibility and associated restrictions directly with the local customs office is prudent. Our MyUS professionals are readily available through email or our Live Chat online service for items not expressly covered.

Empower Your Shipping Experience

A nuanced understanding of your country's importing legislation empowers you to consistently execute seamless and cost-effective shipments. Take charge of your international shipping endeavors by signing up with MyUS today.

We always aim to bring our members the best shopping options available, but some of the products featured in this post may have purchase restrictions. Please visit the merchant's terms of sale, shipping guidelines, and terms and conditions to find more information.


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