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How to Shop US Stores from Hong Kong (and Know What You Can't Ship)

Want to shop the US from Hong Kong? We have all the shipping information you need (duty and taxes, customs and importing/exporting info, shipping rates, and more) and we can get your package shipped fast to HK.  

Did you know that Hong Kong doesn't allow certain products to be imported from the US (or other countries). Prohibited commodities include antiques that are breakable and/or fragile, jewelry containing precious metals
or stones, and soil samples.

There are also certain restrictions surrounding items like tobacco, alcoholic beverages, medical supplies, radar equipment, fabrics and fabric samples, certain electronics, and yarn. Your account manager can help you further with items like these.

Average transit times to ship from the USA to Hong Kong can be as short as 3 days for express shipping, depending on delivery area. DHL, FedEx or USPS are courier options you can choose for shipping your items.

Whether you live in Hong Kong or any of the other 200+ countries we serve, being knowledgeable about your country's import legislation can help you ship your items in a seamless and cost-effective manner every time!


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