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Spring & Summer 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

Spring is in full gear in the northern hemisphere from Saudi Arabia to Canada, the USA, the UK, to Sweden, SpainFrance and beyond. We love helping you stay on top of the latest trends. Here are some of this year’s hottest trends and links to where you can pick up the gear for yourself.
Bomber Jacket – These classic jackets lend a rugged look while also keeping you warm. Though they’re traditionally made of leather, you can find bomber jackets in a variety of different fabrics. Wool and polyester models, like this one from Kenneth Cole, sell for less than US $100. If you’re in the southern half of the world, these jackets will also help you keep warm through winter!
Velvet – Velvet is back! Though velvet suits and jackets just started to make a comeback during the winter, fashion-conscious men have made velvet blazers a mainstay for spring 2013. Check out this classy velvet blazer for less than US $100.

Blue – If you prefer a more traditional look, be sure to opt for blue this year. Blue suits, jackets, and pants are the “in” color for 2013, and you can find great deals on popular blue clothing.
What will you be wearing this spring and summer?


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