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#TrendingWithMyUS: The World's Most Comfortable Shoe

We've all been there, running to our next task only to have our feet screaming in pain from shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable. If you live a busy lifestyle, you need a shoe that can keep up. Imagine this: rushing to your next appointment while walking on a cloud. That's what it's like to slip your feet into a pair of Allbirds shoes. Made from all-natural-super-soft materials and delivered to your international door in as little as 2-4 days, Allbirds is on a mission to keep your feet cozy and protect the environment.

While most shoes are made from nonrenewable synthetic materials, each pair of Allbirds shoes is made from wool, trees and sugar cane. They source natural materials to make what is often described as the "world's most comfortable shoe" and they also believe in giving back to the earth. This year they officially became carbon neutral

The Merino wool used in these shoes is breathable, temperature regulating, odor-controlling, machine washable and won't leave you feeling itchy or irritated. This means no matter what your day calls for, your feet will thank you. 

Check out Allbirds most popular shoes below and see why they're #TrendingWithMyUS. Shop your favorites with MyUS to pay 0% US sales tax on your purchase

Wool Runners - $95

Wool Runners Allbirds sneaker in grey

Wool Runners are easily compared to the Nike FlyKnit series in their overall design but provide much more comfort. The super-soft wool material paired with their S-curved tread naturally forms to your foot and keeps up with all your movements. Perfect for casual outfits.

Tree Toppers - $115

Allbirds Tree Topper sneakers in limited edition nikau tourmaline

A remixed version of the classic hightop sneaker, the Tree Toppers are made from eucalyptus tree fiber and are the ideal shoe to make a statement. Grab a pair in the limited edition tourmaline color. 

"Most comfortable shoes ever! I have never had a pair of shoes this comfortable before. I stand on uneven concrete floors for 9+ hours every day, and before my feet were KILLING me by the time I would get home. With these shoes my feet do not ache at the end of the day anymore, they seriously are the best shoes for those who are on their feet all day!" said Gen B. in her five-star review.

Wool Loungers - $95

Allbirds Wool Loungers shoe in Tuke Toast color

Summer is here and the Wool Loungers are the perfect shoe for the season. Ideal to dress up or dress down, this versatile shoe can keep up with all your summer plans. Check out the pair shown above in the limited addition Tuke Toast color.

Tree Skippers - $95

Allbirds Tree Skippers in limited edition Kauri Peacock

Breathable and silky smooth, the Tree Skipper is a versatile shoe everyone should have in their closet. Pair with jeans, shorts or a summer dress. Shown here in limited edition Kauri peacock. 

"Admittedly this was more than I normally pay for shoes, but OMG the first time I put them on I knew it was money well spent. They are like walking on clouds and they are so soft and comfortable!..." said Elizabeth O in her raving review.

Runner Lace Kit - $10

Allbirds limited edition runner lace kit in green, blue and orange shown in recyclable packaging

Looking to make your sneakers stand out even more? We recommend adding a pop of color with laces made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Good for your wardrobe and the environment.


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