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Latvia has a “de minimus value” on all imported parcels. Any shipment that has a declared value lower than this amount will not have duties and taxes charged. Any shipment with a declared value exceeding this amount will be subject to applicable taxes and duties:

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 150 EUR*
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 22 EUR*

*These amounts exclude alcohol and tobacco where duty/tax apply

Please note: Duties and taxes are not included in your MyUS shipping costs.


The MyUS Advantage:

With a MyUS membership, you can buy designer goods straight from the source and avoid knockoffs. Our compliance team will alert you of any counterfeit goods so we can help you return them before they are shipped to Latvia.


Delivery times from the MyUS warehouse to Latvia can vary based on the type of shipping method chosen, but these are the averages:

  • 2-4 business days with preferred shipping
  • 5-8 days with economy shipping

We repack your goods by hand and are committed to treating every parcel as if it were our own.


The MyUS Advantage:

We’re eager to get your parcels to you in LVA. Most packages received at MyUS are processed the very same day.


Avoid delays in your shipment to LV by avoiding banned and prohibited merchandise. In addition to items that cannot be exported from the US, check the links below to learn what items are banned for shipment:


The MyUS Advantage:

Common items such as nail polish, lithium ion batteries and paint are often considered “dangerous”, but in most cases they can still be shipped with the proper permits and packaging. The MyUS compliance team knows which permits to secure and how to package these goods so that they can pass through customs without issue.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

How to Shop American Websites and Ship to Latvia

Would you like to buy from American stores and have your purchases conveniently shipped to your home in Latvia? With a MyUS membership, you can enjoy a seamless shopping experience, even from stores that do not offer delivery overseas. Here’s how:

  1. Join MyUS and instantly get a US mailing address
  2. Shop your favorite websites, even sites that do not directly offer international shipping
  3. Use your new MyUS shipping address as the “ship to” address at checkout
  4. Your merchandise will ship to our US facility where your purchases are prepared for import (adding customs permits or special packaging if needed)
  5. We will rebundle your deliveries into one convenient shipping box and forward your purchases to your door in LV

MyUS can deliver packages from the US to countless destinations all over the world. Join today and enjoy the ease of shipping with MyUS.

Shop USA Websites with Border-Free Shipping to Latvia

Does the thought of international shipping make your head spin? Keeping track of websites that will ship to LVA can take the fun out of shopping, but as a MyUS member, you can leave those worries behind. Hundreds of stores are waiting for you, whether you are looking for the best price on cosmetics, the latest designer apparel or gifts for the holidays. Become a member today and start shopping stores like these:

  • (dietary supplements, cosmetics)
  • Victoria's Secret (hosiery, sleepwear, lingerie)
  • (eyeliner, blush, mascara)
  • (cosmetic gift sets, makeup brushes)
  • (women’s apparel, baby clothing, men’s sportswear)
  • (eyeshadow, lip gloss)
  • (women’s handbags, jewelry, scarves)
  • (detox cleansers, protein powders, sleep aids)
  • (men’s ties, hosiery, blazers, jackets, shoes)
  • The Gap (workout gear, toddler apparel, maternity clothing)
  • (moisturizers, health supplements, hair care)
  • (eye pencils, facial cream, fragrance)
  • (upscale clothing, jewelry, makeup)
  • Kohl's (home decor, bath towels, toys, kids games)
  • (women’s designer clothing, purses, small goods)
  • (facial cleansers, gel eyeliner, brow pencils)
  • (activewear, jackets, briefcases)
  • Urban Outfitters (bedding, sofas, kitchenware, girls clothing)
  • (sandals, dress shoes, totes)

MyUS members are able to shop at all of these stores (and hundreds more), without worry of what stores will ship overseas.

Quick Delivery from the USA to Latvia

MyUS has 20 years of experience in the global shipping industry, and has developed strong partnerships with FedEx, DHL, USPS and UPS to bring you fast and reliable delivery with every shipment.

Most MyUS members receive their express deliveries within 2 to 4 business days, and standard deliveries are expected within 5 to 8 business days. Choose the shipping option that is right for your budget, and start shopping around the globe today.

Delivery Rates to Latvia

Air freight charges can be confusing with other shipping companies, but at MyUS, we believe in upfront pricing without hidden fees. This is how keep shipping from the US to the Baltics affordable:

  • We negotiate volume shipping rates with our trusted couriers (DHL, FedEx USPS and UPS)
  • MyUS Premium Members receive a 20% discount on all international shipments
  • We inspect all items received at our Florida, USA warehouse and will help return any damaged goods before they are shipped overseas. This saves you money on shipping and customs fees.
  • We never charge to repack and bundle multiple purchases into one box for lower shipping costs (freight forwarders and other companies tend to charge for this)
  • MyUS never charges for air fuel fees (most competitors do)

We strive to exceed your expectations on every delivery to your door. Put us to work for you today. You can get a quote with our free shipping calculator at the top of this page, but please note that special member discounts will not appear until you are logged in as a MyUS member.

What Latvian Cities and Towns Does MyUS Ship To?

We ship to every country along the Baltic Sea, including Latvia and it’s many towns. Take a look at just a few of the places we deliver to:

  • Ainaži
  • Rūjiena
  • Tukums
  • Subate
  • Aizkraukle
  • Olaine
  • Staicele
  • Līgatne
  • Brocēni
  • Aknīste
  • Talsi
  • Ogre
  • Kuldīga
  • Salacgrīva
  • Aloja
  • Rīga
  • Aizpute
  • Tukums
  • Preiļi
  • Baldone
  • Madona
  • Ventspils
  • Sabile
  • Kārsava
  • Seda
  • Alūksne
  • Strenči
  • Valka
  • Stende
  • Viļāni

We have an incredible global shipping network. We can ship to your door even if you do not see your city listed above. We also make daily stops in neighboring countries such as Estonia, Belarus, Russia and Lithuania.

Banned Items You Can’t Ship to Latvia

Every country has items that are prohibited from import, and Latvia is no exception. MyUS is not able to ship banned items, so it’s important to take note and avoid purchasing any goods that are banned, including:

  • Military equipment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dangerous goods
  • Pornography
  • Money orders
  • Counterfeit goods including shoes, perfumes, clothing and DVDs
  • Loose precious and semi-precious stones
  • Narcotics
  • Hunting trophies and animal parts
  • Human remains and ashes

Customs laws are subject to change at any time. Please visit Latvia’s customs website for any recent updates. Prohibited and banned items are different than items labeled “dangerous” or “restricted”. Some of these items can be common household goods, such as nail polish, paint and perfume. If an item is labeled dangerous or restricted, it’s very likely that we can still ship it for you with special packaging, permits or handling. MyUS is one of the only shipping companies that has the expertise to ship dangerous and restricted goods with the care and consideration they require. Join us today and let us take care of all your shipping needs.

Delivery times estimated above can change due to many factors outside of our control, such as inclement weather, customs, and final destination. Please see our FAQ for more details on shipping to LVA. Standard shipping is provided via USPS and FedEx Economy, FedEx Freight provides our freight shipping and Express shipping is provided via FedEx Express, DHL and UPS.
Weight Small Pack Saver 7 - 20 days Budget Economy 5 - 10 days Budget Express 4 - 9 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days UPS Expedited 2 - 8 days UPS Worldwide Saver 1 - 4 days
1lbs 12.99 USD 24.99 USD 26.99 USD 30.99 USD 34.92 USD 34.99 USD 36.99 USD 51.99 USD
2lbs 19.99 USD 26.99 USD 29.99 USD 30.99 USD 35.95 USD 38.99 USD 44.99 USD 58.99 USD
3lbs 26.99 USD 29.99 USD 32.99 USD 33.99 USD 36.98 USD 48.99 USD 53.99 USD 71.99 USD
4lbs 34.99 USD 32.99 USD 35.99 USD 40.99 USD 41.09 USD 53.99 USD 65.99 USD 81.99 USD
5lbs - 39.99 USD 41.99 USD 48.99 USD 43.14 USD 63.99 USD 78.99 USD 94.99 USD
6lbs - 41.99 USD 44.99 USD 54.99 USD 45.20 USD 64.99 USD 85.99 USD 101.99 USD
7lbs - 45.99 USD 48.99 USD 59.99 USD 52.39 USD 71.99 USD 93.99 USD 106.99 USD
8lbs - 47.99 USD 50.99 USD 60.99 USD 52.39 USD 76.99 USD 97.99 USD 112.99 USD
9lbs - 51.99 USD 54.99 USD 70.99 USD 53.42 USD 77.99 USD 107.99 USD 114.99 USD
10lbs - 53.99 USD 57.99 USD 75.99 USD 55.47 USD 77.99 USD 108.99 USD 115.99 USD