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Our revolutionary pricing system calculates rates by weight only*, not dimensions.

If your package's length + width + height is greater than 72 inches, to provide the dimensions

Package Dimensions:

*While 99% of shipments are calculated by weight only, TruePrice excludes packages with linear dimensions (length + width + height) greater than 72 inches (183 cm).

Get everything you love from the US shipped to Palau for as low as US$24.02!

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Thank you for your effort to send my items in time and this is very great. You know..I have not receive my other order that I placed before I become a member of So just to let you know that is very helpful and very ontime that I did'nt expected it soon.
Lory Palau

Are Duties and Taxes Included in MyUS Shipping Charges?

No, they are not included in your shipping charges. Please check with your local customs for any duty/tax you may have to pay.



The MyUS Advantage:

Our Customer’s Reviews speak for themselves. Checkout our Facebook reviews to see how happy our members are with MyUS. We have a 4.6/5 star rating - the best in the industry.

Can I Get My Merchandise Delivered Quickly?

Absolutely. Right now, our average transit times from the USA to PLW are:

  • 2-4 days with express shipping
  • 5-8 days with standard or economy shipping

Our shipping partners help save time by picking up your packages directly from our facility.


The MyUS Advantage:

Now you can schedule deliveries and view your packages on the MyUS App.

What Can’t You Send to Palau?

You can view complete lists of banned merchandise via the links below:


The MyUS Advantage:

With MyUS, you know you'll only receive authentic brand-name products. If we find counterfeit items, we will contact you and help you return them for a refund.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

How to Shop US Stores Online That Won’t Ship to Palau

When you become a member of MyUS, you can shop at thousands of American-based websites – whether they ship to Palau or not! We take care of the international shipping. Here's exactly how you can start shopping at US stores and save on international shipping:

  1. Join MyUS today and instantly receive a MyUS shipping address
  2. Shop your favorite American stores online
  3. At checkout, use that new MyUS shipping address
  4. Your purchases are sent to our facility, and we consolidate your boxes to lower your cost, and reship them to you in PW

Signing up is simple and takes just a few minutes. Once you're a memer you can start shopping immediately. Buy jeans, shoes, designer fashions, makeup and electronics and have those items shipped to your home in Palau in just days. With 20 years of shipping experience and expert customer service, you'll get dependable and fast deliveries every time.

Shop the Stores You Want, When You Want

We make border-free shopping easy. Enjoy unlimited access to your favorite American stores, including:

  • Amazon (books, DVDs, tablets, computers, home electronics, clothing, jewelry, watches and much more)
  • (personalized party supplies, party decorations, graduation supplies, baby shower supplies)
  • Fabletics (stylish yoga pants, leggings, joggers, tops, tees and more)
  • Road Runner Sports (running shoes, clothing, gear and accessories)
  • (toys, hobby supplies, arts and crafts supplies)
  • (activewear, bras, panties, shapewear, hosiery)
  • (swimwear, swim goggles, swim caps, swim fins, kickboards, pull bouys, paddles)
  • (TV mounting brackets, Security cameras, DVRs and accessories)
  • FGS Trading (cell phones, tablets, accessories, more)
  • Kiss Bling (hand-made clothing, lighting, gifts and more)
  • Tech Armor (screen protectors and cases)
  • Supershieldz (premium screen protectors)
  • (housewares, clothing, tools, toys, kitchen supplies, personal care items)
  • Fintie (tablet and pc cases, cell phone accessories, cellular accessories, chargers, batteries)
  • Trenz Shirt Company (religious, military and funny T-shirts)
  • Cuban Food Market (Cuban cookbooks and art)
  • Datavision Computer Video (electronics, computers, cameras and more)
  • Another Deal Site (electronics, housewares, vacuums, toys)

There are thousands of other stores available to you as well. We want to make finding the merchandise you want as simple as we make international shipping to PLW. If you are interested in shopping from multiple websites and checking one in one cart download the MyUS Shopping browser extension. Its available for free in the Mac App Store and the Chrome Web Store and will allow you to checkout in one shopping cart and pay for all shipping fees upfront. 

Shipping to PLW from the USA is Cheaper with MyUS

We’re committed to finding our members the best shipping rates to Palau. In our 20 years of providing cheap, reliable shipping, we’ve learned how to save our members a lot of money. Here are a few of the ways:

  • We never charge fees for repacking, consolidating several purchases into one cheaper box or for airplane fuel, unlike most companies
  • Our Premium Members always receive an extra 20% off every shipment
  • We pass on the savings from the low rates we negotiate with FedEx, DHL, and USPS
  • We give you our TruePrice pledge: We base delivery rates on package weight – not weight AND size like other shipping and freight forwarding companies

See how much we can save you on shipping to Palau with our our online shipping calculator located at the top of this page.

You Can Choose the Delivery Times

We offer our members several different shipping methods for every budget. You can choose fast deliveries, or a method that will take an extra day or two, but will save you even more on shipping. Currently, our average delivery times to PW are:

  • 2 to 4 days when you select an Urgent or Express shipping method
  • 5 to 8 days via Standard or Economical shipping options

Once we have all of your purchases (you can store your merchandise at our facility for up to 30 days), we will have them ready for import, on average, within 8-24 hours.

Avoid Things That Are Banned from Entering Palau

For quicker deliveries, it's important to avoid merchandise the Palauan government has forbidden from entering its country's borders. When shopping at US-based stores, do not buy:

  • Acids
  • Bearer documents
  • Corrosives
  • Flammables
  • Gases
  • Graphite products
  • Ice
  • Magnetized materials
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Radioactives
  • Poisons
  • Products made in Iran
  • Gambling devices
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Tobacco products (including E-cigarettes and vaping products) for FedEx, DHL, and USPS carriers.

For a complete list of these items, please visit Palau's customs website. Banned items cannot be shipped, but MyUS can ship “restricted” or “dangerous” products (like those which contain hazardous materials found in paints or nail polish). We have secured the necessary paperwork and special packaging required for legal shipment.

Cities We Serve in Palau

When you're shopping, don't worry about which stores ship to PW. We do the international shipping for you. When you use your new MyUS address at checkout, the stores ship your purchases to us and then we can ship them to these cities in Palau:

  • Airai
  • Gerbong
  • Boulangerie
  • Kloulklubed
  • Meyungs
  • Ibobang
  • Bkurrengel
  • Melekeok
  • Ngermid
  • Nger Kai
  • Southwest Islanders Village
  • Hatohobei
  • Ollie
  • Lemon Heights
  • Imeong
  • Imetang
  • Choll
  • Imilchil Village
  • Koska
  • Elab
  • Rebuked
  • Ngkeklau

We couldn't list every city, but we can deliver to all of them. We ship to hundreds of thousands of cities in more than 220 countries and territories around the world, including, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Nauru, Australia and the Marshall Islands just to name a few.

Become a member of MyUS today and enjoy border-free shopping, cheap international shipping and award-winning customer service.

MyUS is not responsible for any shipping delays to Palau due to uncontrollable circumstances that could include inclement weather, work stoppages, mechanical troubles and delays at Palau customs. Our Customer Service Representatives are hand to answer any delivery or international shipping questions you may have. FedEx Express handles all express shipments for MyUS. DHL and FedEx are our standard shippers of choice. FedEx Economy and USPS perform our economy shipments; and FedEx Freight is our freight shipper.
Weight MyUS Swift Saver 1 - 4 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days UPS Expedited 2 - 8 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days UPS Worldwide Saver 1 - 4 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days
1lbs 24.02 USD 35.69 USD 41.99 USD 48.38 USD 64.99 USD 67.38 USD
2lbs 27.03 USD 43.04 USD 53.99 USD 48.24 USD 72.99 USD 69.47 USD
3lbs 35.68 USD 50.39 USD 67.99 USD 57.46 USD 89.99 USD 75.38 USD
4lbs 40.51 USD 58.79 USD 80.99 USD 70.05 USD 101.99 USD 88.35 USD
5lbs 44.28 USD 65.09 USD 93.99 USD 78.13 USD 114.99 USD 96.18 USD
6lbs 50.02 USD 75.59 USD 110.99 USD 84.97 USD 129.99 USD 105.90 USD
7lbs 54.38 USD 81.89 USD 119.99 USD 85.96 USD 142.99 USD 110.64 USD
8lbs 60.70 USD 88.19 USD 129.99 USD 91.81 USD 151.99 USD 114.03 USD
9lbs 65.23 USD 94.49 USD 143.99 USD 102.17 USD 158.99 USD 120.14 USD
10lbs 68.43 USD 98.69 USD 151.99 USD 104.47 USD 165.99 USD 121.18 USD