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Our revolutionary pricing system calculates rates by weight only*, not dimensions.

If your package's length + width + height is greater than 72 inches, to provide the dimensions

Package Dimensions:

*While 99% of shipments are calculated by weight only, TruePrice excludes packages with linear dimensions (length + width + height) greater than 72 inches (183 cm).

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Some countries have a de minimis value for tax and duty, and shipments that have a declared value LESS than the de minimis value are not required to pay tax or duty. However, if the amount is higher than the de minimis value you will be responsible for paying any duties.

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 50 USD*
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 0 USD*

*excluding alcohol and tobacco where tax/duty apply.


Delivery Duty Paid Options: For eligible shipments, MyUS offers the option to send shipments Delivery Duties Paid (DDP). This means you can pay for applicable duties directly to MyUS when you submit a ship request, rather than paying them in your country after they arrive. When this service is selected in your online account or shipping request, you can pay for any duties in one simple payment, along with your shipping costs. This streamlines the delivery process so you can cover all your costs in one simple payment, and MyUS guarantees your payment amount.


The MyUS Advantage:

MyUS offers free parcel consolidation and free storage, so when Members order from multiple websites, they can have several packages consolidated in one to save on shipping fees.


The average delivery times to Panama from our facility in Florida, USA are:

  • 2-4 days for Express Shipping
  • 5-8 days for Economy Shipping

We inspect and repackage every item that comes through our warehouse by hand, ensuring that your parcels receive the best of care.


The MyUS Advantage:

All Premium Members receive an additional 20% off each and every overseas shipment.


The US restricts some items from export, and Panama prohibits some items from import. When shipping internationally, it’s good to be familiar with customs regulations to avoid possible delays in your delivery. Learn more about import bans and restrictions to Panama:

We have more than 20 years of experience with customs regulations. If you need to ship a dangerous or restricted item, we can help by securing permits and using special packaging.


The MyUS Advantage:

We have negotiated exclusive volume rates with our shipping partners, giving our Members the lowest rates possible without sacrificing on service.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

The Secret to Shopping American Websites That Won’t Ship to Panama? MyUS.

Frustrated because your favorite websites won’t deliver to Panama? It’s OK, with MyUS you can ship from popular US stores right to your home, regardless of whether or not they ship to PA. Just as important, you can save on shipping with MyUS too! Here’s how we do it:

  1. When you sign up for a MyUS membership, you’ll receive your own US mailing address
  2. Start shopping immediately, from virtually any website (regardless of whether or not they ship to PA) and enter your new US address as the “ship to” address at checkout
  3. Your purchases arrive at our US warehouse
  4. We forward your purchases to your house for a low consolidated rate

International shopping and shipping is so easy with MyUS. Become a member today and see for yourself!

How To Shop the Best US Stores Online When You Don’t Live in the USA

Would you like the freedom to shop the websites you love, even those that don’t ship to Panama? With MyUS, you can choose from thousands of websites, giving you the ability to shop around for the best price and selection on the internet, and then ship right to your door in PAN. The mailing address you receive when you join makes all the difference. Buy clothing, skin care products, makeup and more from America, from stores like these:

  • (paperback and hardcover books, toys, wrist watches)
  • (casual wear for men, women and kids)
  • (women’s clothing, shoes, accessories)
  • (sneakers, purses, messenger bags)
  • (designer clothing brands at a discount)
  • (shipping supplies)
  • (water treatments products, filter medias, UV systems)
  • (lingerie, underwear, perfume)
  • (specialty cheese, fine foods, gift baskets)
  • (women’s lingerie, mens underwear, undergarments for kids)
  • (women’s shoes, boots, accessories)
  • Wild Bill Wholesale (survival & self defense supplies, knives)
  • Diztronic (protective smartphone cases)
  • (lip stick, lip gloss, lip stains)
  • (MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras)
  • (network cameras, IP camera equipment)
  • (new and pre-owned smartphones)
  • (vitamins, supplements)

Which stores are on the top of your wish list? Become a MyUS member now, and you can be shopping within minutes!

What Is The Cost of Postage From USA to PAN?

Having a US postal address isn’t the only benefit of a MyUS Membership. You can also save lots of money on shipping because we have negotiated exclusive rates with our carriers (USPS, FedEx, DHL) based on our shipping volume. We can also save you money on shipping to PAN by:

  • Providing free parcel consolidation, which means we bundle your purchases into one box to save you money on shipping
  • We never charge airplane fuel fees
  • We calculate shipping fees based on package weight only, not weight PLUS box size like most of our competitors do
  • Giving Premium Members a 20% discount on every international delivery

Want to see how much you could save on shipping to PA? Get a quote with our shipping calculator located at the top of this page. Please note that special member discounts do not appear with the shipping calculator until you are logged in as a MyUS Member.

How Fast is Delivery to Panama from the United States?

We give our Members fast, efficient shipping on every delivery. When your purchases arrive at our US warehouse, we get them processed within 24 hours, and ship parcels out six days a week. We also work with the best shippers in the business (USPS, FedEx & DHL) for quick delivery with great customer care. These are the average shipping times for two of our most popular delivery options:

  • Economy shipments arrive within an average shipping time of 5 to 8 days
  • Express shipments arrive within an average shipping time of 2 to 4 days

We have a variety of shipping options to suit every need. Choose what works best for you and leave the rest to us.

MyUS Ships Across the Island of St. Martin

MyUS ships to every province in Panama, including Bocas del Toro, Chiriquí, Coclé, Colón, Darién, Herrera, Los Santos, Panama, West Panamá and Veraguas. Take a look just a few of the cities in Panama we ship to:

  • Panama City
  • David
  • San Miguelito
  • Cativá
  • Arraiján
  • Penonomé
  • Colón
  • Tocumen
  • Las Cumbres
  • La Cabima
  • Alanje
  • Mulatupo
  • Changuinola
  • Santiago de Veraguas
  • Santa Fé
  • Chilibre
  • Pacora
  • Nueva Gorgona
  • Boca de Parita
  • Puerto Armuelles
  • Caimitillo
  • La Chorrera
  • Mamitipo
  • Cartí Sugtupu
  • Coloncito
  • Chitré
  • Vista Alegre
  • Nuevo Arraiján
  • Alcalde Díaz
  • Olá
  • Potrerillos Abajo
  • Parita
  • Bugaba
  • Yaviza
  • Tolé

Don’t see your city on the list above? No problem! We can still ship to your home, quickly and efficiently. We ship on a daily basis countries all over the world, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela and more.

What is Illegal to Ship to PAN?

Shipping banned and prohibited items to Panama is illegal, and MyUS cannot ship any of these items. All shipments entering our shipping facility are checked to ensure they comply with customs regulations. If we find any issues, we will notify you right away. Avoid delays by not purchasing the following items:

  • Subversive material
  • Ivory
  • Log and timber products from Liberia, such as fence pickets, flooring, blinds, clothes hangers)
  • Gambling devices
  • Pornography
  • Animal furs
  • Seeds
  • Animal skins
  • Products made in Iran
  • Tobacco products (including E-cigarettes and vaping products) for FedEx, DHL, and USPS carriers.

Please note that this list may be incomplete as the customs laws in Panama can change at any time. Visit the official customs website of Panama for the most current information.

If we find restricted or dangerous goods within your packages, in most instances we can help you ship them by securing the proper paperwork and packaging. These restricted/ dangerous goods can be very common items, such as magnets, nail polish and paint. We’ve been shipping these types of goods for over 20 years as an international shipping company, and are experts at handling special customs regulations safely and legally.

Shipping estimates listed above can be subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as hazardous weather, political unrest, holidays and the local customs office. Please visit our FAQ page for more information. Economy shipping is provided via USPS or FedEx Economy, our Freight shipping via FedEx Freight, and Express shipping via FedEx Express and DHL.
Weight MyUS Swift Saver 1 - 4 days Budget Economy 5 - 10 days Fedex Intl Connect 10 - 20 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days
1lbs 22.74 USD 27.56 USD 29.99 USD 36.76 USD 37.79 USD 43.45 USD
2lbs 25.00 USD 32.08 USD 32.99 USD 42.33 USD 38.84 USD 51.90 USD
3lbs 27.69 USD 40.13 USD 36.99 USD 51.62 USD 41.99 USD 64.04 USD
4lbs 33.85 USD 44.74 USD 40.99 USD 59.68 USD 51.44 USD 76.15 USD
5lbs 33.85 USD 48.17 USD 44.99 USD 63.10 USD 56.69 USD 85.57 USD
6lbs 34.92 USD 56.18 USD 48.99 USD 72.10 USD 67.19 USD 93.39 USD
7lbs 44.44 USD 57.32 USD 52.99 USD 76.67 USD 79.79 USD 98.17 USD
8lbs 49.18 USD 65.27 USD 55.99 USD 84.69 USD 88.19 USD 111.52 USD
9lbs 57.38 USD 69.85 USD 58.99 USD 91.75 USD 97.64 USD 119.95 USD
10lbs 66.89 USD 70.92 USD 62.99 USD 95.17 USD 107.09 USD 123.78 USD