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Our revolutionary pricing system calculates rates by weight only*, not dimensions.

If your package's length + width + height is greater than 72 inches, to provide the dimensions

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*While 99% of shipments are calculated by weight only, TruePrice excludes packages with linear dimensions (length + width + height) greater than 72 inches (183 cm).

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Nervously l made my first purchase not knowing what to expect. Well my parcel arrived today in perfect condition. I can highly recommend MYUS as l have just placed another order and l am using them again. Kathryn J.
Kathryn Australia
I have received my Packeges yesterday and i want to thank MyUs for perfect serevice and ship on time
Ahmed A. Yemen
Thank you very much I'm very pleased with the shipping process via MyUS. Everything worked out very quickly and well. I'm sure I'm going to use your service rather frequently in the future. Thank you.
Miriam Germany

Am I Responsible for Paying St. Lucia Duty and Tax on My American Purchases?

The LCA government uses a de minimis value to assess these duty and tax fees. The St. Lucia de minimis value is the declared value of your shipment, and if it falls under the below values, you will not have to pay duty or tax (however, certain products may be subject to other types of fees or taxes).

If you exceed the de minimis value, you will be expected to pay these fees.

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 100 USD*
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 100 USD*

*excluding alcohol and tobacco where duty/tax apply

Delivery Duty Paid Options: For eligible shipments, MyUS offers the option to send shipments Delivery Duties Paid (DDP). This means you can pay for applicable duties directly to MyUS when you submit a ship request, rather than paying them in your country after they arrive. When this service is selected in your online account or shipping request, you can pay for any duties in one simple payment, along with your shipping costs. This streamlines the delivery process so you can cover all your costs in one simple payment, and MyUS guarantees your payment amount.


The MyUS Advantage:

We won't ship any prohibited or broken merchandise, so you won't have to pay shipping costs, duties or taxes on items that need to be returned to US stores.

When Can I Expect My Delivery?

You have the power to choose the shipping method that's best for you. You could get your goods in as little as 2 days. Based upon the average shipment, you can expect your delivery in:

  • 2 to 4 business days with our preferred Express shipping options
  • 5 to 8 business days with the more economical Economy shipping options

Our goal is to have your shipment processed for import within 6-24 hours of receipt at our facility.


The MyUS Advantage:

Members have international shipping options at their fingertips. Download our app and you can schedule deliveries, see your purchases, and view your entire MyUS suite from your smartphone.

What Happens if I Buy an Item Banned from Import to St. Lucia?

If you accidentally buy an item that is illegal in St. Lucia, we will not be able to ship it, but we will help you return it the store where it was purchased. You can learn which items to avoid by following these links:

USA export restrictions also apply.


The MyUS Advantage:

Our customs experts are here to make sure all import regulations are followed and your shipments do not end up held at St. Lucia customs. We work with members to complete the necessary actions for shipment of restricted items, or notify them of prohibited items so they can be properly returned.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

Shopping US Stores Online & Shipping Purchases to St. Lucia Made Easy

Become a MyUS member and you can shop thousands of US retailers online and ship your purchases home fast. You can even shop stores that don’t offer international shipping to St. Lucia! You'll have access to a large variety of stores so you can find great deals. MyUS works like this:

  1. Sign up for a MyUS and instantly receive an American shipping address
  2. Shop online at America's favorite retailers and use your new MyUS address as your “Shipping Address” at checkout
  3. Stores ship your purchases to us, then we consolidate them into one box to reduce shipping costs and reship them to St. Lucia

We’re the best international shipping solution when American stores don't offer overseas deliveries. Join the hundreds of thousands of members who trust us for quick and affordable global shipping. Become a member today.

Experience Border-Free Shopping from Your Home in St. Lucia

When you're a MyUS member, you won't have to worry about whether the stores will ship directly to the island. Here’s a sample of the popular US-based stores our St. Lucia members like to shop and ship with us:

  • USA (toys, books, CDs, DVDs, clothing, appliances, tools, generators, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, iOS, OS X, watchOS and more)
  • (young adult women’s tops, blouses, skirts, pants, shoes and accessories)
  • Carter's/Oshkosh (baby clothes and accessories, toddler and children’s active and sleepwear)
  • Zulily (clothing, shoes, accessories for moms and children, home goods and crafts)
  • Victoria's Secret (fashion undergarments, bras, lingerie, sleepwear)
  • New York & Co. (women's work apparel, including suiting, dresses, sweaters, and pants)
  • (homegoods, linens, toys, clothes, personal grooming items)
  • Aeropostale (rompers, graphic tees, shorts and more)
  • Kmart (electronics, toys, clothing, bedding, furniture and home decor)
  • Sephora (unrivaled selection of makeup, skincare, fragrances and more)
  • Sears (appliances, hardware, Craftsman tools and clothing)
  • Meredith Corporation (magazine and books)
  • (today’s fashions, t-shirts, outerwear and accessories for all ages)
  • Warehouse Deals (kindles, lawn and garden products, watches and more)
  • Fancy Linen (bedding, bed-in-a-bag, comforters, drapes, curtains)
  • A'GACI (fashions, dresses, shoes, sandals and more for women)

It's just that easy to update your family's wardrobe, get new appliances and hard-to-find name-brand makeup, heath care and personal grooming products. Additionally, if you want to shop from multiple websites you are able to make your purchases in one single shopping cart with the MyUS Shopping browser extension.

We Serve all of St. Lucia

As an expert global shipping company, we deliver where many US stores don't. We deliver to just about anywhere on the island, including:

  • Castries
  • Soufriere
  • Micoud Quarter
  • Grosset Quarter
  • Vieux Fort Quarter
  • Laborie Quarter
  • Dennery Quarter
  • Anse La Raye
  • Choiseul Quarter
  • Roseau
  • Monchy
  • Au Tabor
  • Ti Rocher
  • Chassin
  • La Tourney
  • Durandeau
  • Deglos
  • Dame de Traversay
  • Micoud
  • Canaries
  • D'Aubaigo
  • Fond Devaux-Hellene
  • Old Settlement
  • La Verdure
  • Theodorine

Don't fret if your city isn't on this list, we're confident we can get your goods to you fast. With 20 years of experience, we know our way around the globe and have shipped millions of packages to more than 220 countries including you neighbors in Barbados, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Low Shipping Rates from the USA to LC

We make it easy to save money on international shipping. We strive to secure the best delivery rates in the business every day. We save our members money by:

  • Offering the best available discount delivery rates from FedEx, USPS and DHL
  • Never charging for airplane fuel or repacking (unlike a lot of our competition who charge fees for these things)
  • Providing free bundling services (ship multiple items in one efficient box), which can save you up to $400 a year
  • Giving our Premium Members an additional 20% discount on every shipment

For an instant shipping quote for a delivery overseas, use our free online shipping calculator at the top of this page.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Shipment from USA to LCA?

The answer is “very fast” when you choose express shipments. We know your satisfaction depends on our fast and reliable deliveries. We work hard to process your parcels fast and get them to your door ASAP. Our deliveries to LCA usually take:

  • Just 2 to 4 business days with Express Delivery
  • 5 to 8 business days with Economy Delivery

Delivery estimates are based upon when your package leaves the MyUS facility.

Do Not Buy Items Banned from Entering St. Lucia

There are some items that cannot legally cross St. Lucia’s borders. We are unable to ship these items and advise you to avoid buying these kinds of products:

  • Acids
  • Foodstuffs
  • Bearer documents
  • Electronic games
  • Corrosives
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Furs
  • Coal and firewood
  • Gases
  • Oxidizers
  • Flammables
  • Poisons
  • Log and timber products from Liberia
  • Radioactives
  • Tobacco products (including E-cigarettes and vaping products) for FedEx, DHL, and USPS carriers.

You may learn more about St Lucia's import laws by visiting its customs website. We thank you in advance for adhering to this policy. With your diligence, shipments are kept on schedule. In the off-chance you purchase restricted or “dangerous” goods, we are happy to assist you with the extra requirements needed for legal and safe shipment.

That's all it takes to take advantage of fast, reliable and affordable shipping. Join MyUS today and let us concentrate on all the shipping laws, regulations and logistics while you focus on finding the authentic American merchandise your family loves.

Any delivery time to LCA discussed is an estimate. Factors beyond our control could cause delays. These include, but are not limited to, inclement weather, delays at local customs offices, or political interference. MyUS is not responsible for delays caused by these types of circumstances. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. MyUS ships with FedEX, DHL and USPS.
Weight MyUS Swift Saver 1 - 4 days Budget Economy 5 - 10 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days
1lbs 23.26 USD 27.83 USD 34.71 USD 36.74 USD 40.92 USD
2lbs 24.31 USD 31.42 USD 40.78 USD 36.74 USD 41.78 USD
3lbs 26.63 USD 35.10 USD 44.46 USD 39.89 USD 50.21 USD
4lbs 31.48 USD 37.54 USD 50.43 USD 45.14 USD 55.90 USD
5lbs 31.48 USD 38.78 USD 52.95 USD 48.29 USD 62.80 USD
6lbs 32.48 USD 47.14 USD 63.66 USD 55.64 USD 73.90 USD
7lbs 40.98 USD 52.12 USD 67.35 USD 65.09 USD 79.88 USD
8lbs 44.03 USD 53.38 USD 67.51 USD 68.24 USD 82.95 USD
9lbs 45.75 USD 54.53 USD 73.61 USD 71.39 USD 85.51 USD
10lbs 47.46 USD 59.47 USD 77.37 USD 74.54 USD 89.13 USD