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Guaranteed Pricing

Our revolutionary pricing system calculates rates by weight only*, not dimensions.


If your package's length + width + height is greater than 72 inches, to provide the dimensions

Package Dimensions:


*While 99% of shipments are calculated by weight only, TruePrice excludes packages with linear dimensions (length + width + height) greater than 72 inches (183 cm).
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Thank you very much for the fast and excellent service. Another thanks for the kind and professional live customer support.
Hasan Turkey
In my first order, your service is very good. My package arrived in 1 week to Turkey, package was enough strong with no damage, and sending prices are better than others. is like a friend from US.
Bahadir Turkey
I asked everything all question to luke (one of your live customer service member) and he answered me all of them very kindly. Thank u luke.
Said Turkey

Turkish Taxes and Duties 

Turkey has a de minimis value, so if your total US purchase amount is less, tax/duty do not apply. If your purchase is more than the de minimis value, you may be subject to fees.

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 22 EUR*
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 22 EUR*

*excluding tobacco or alcohol where tax/duty apply.


Delivery Duty Paid Options: For eligible shipments, MyUS offers the option to send shipments Delivery Duties Paid (DDP). This means you can pay for applicable duties directly to MyUS when you submit a ship request, rather than paying them in your country after they arrive. When this service is selected in your online account or shipping request, you can pay for any duties in one simple payment, along with your shipping costs. This streamlines the delivery process so you can cover all your costs in one simple payment, and MyUS guarantees your payment amount.



The MyUS Advantage:

We notify our members of any damaged or prohibited goods that need to be returned to US stores, saving unnecessary shipping costs, duties or taxes on these items.

Package Delivery Times

Delivery times from MyUS to Turkey typically average:

  • Express: 2 to 4 business days
  • Economy: 5 to 8 business days

All shipping originates at the MyUS facility in Sarasota, Florida, USA.


The MyUS Advantage:

Members can always determine their best shipping methods from the variety of delivery rates and schedules available in the MyUS shipping database.

What You Can't Ship Overseas to Turkey

Prevent delivery delays by avoiding merchandise on Turkey's list of goods prohibited for import. Use the links below to learn more about banned items:


The MyUS Advantage:

MyUS notifies members of any restricted or prohibited merchandise that arrives at our facility. We help with all necessary actions required to ship restricted and dangerous goods. We can also assist in returning prohibited merchandise to its store of origin.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

How to Shop US Stores and Ship Internationally to Turkey

With MyUS, you can buy designer clothes, electronics, makeup, health goods and almost anything you need from American stores, and we deliver it quickly to Turkey. Here’s how MyUS international shipping works:

  1. Become a member and receive your own personal MyUS shipping address
  2. Shop online at American stores (even stores that don’t ship internationally)
  3. At checkout, use your MyUS address as your shipping address
  4. MyUS receives your merchandise, repackages it to reduce shipping costs, and ships it to your address in Turkey.

With a MyUS membership, shipping to TR from the US is easier and faster than ever before. Join today, and we'll take care of all your international shipping needs.

Shop Your Favorite US Stores Online

What US products do you like to, electronics, power tools or home goods? As a MyUS member, you can shop thousands of popular US retailers like these, and we'll ship your goods to you quickly:

  • Amazon (CDs, DVDs, vitamins, health and personal products, toys, games, kitchenware, home generators)
  • Ralph Lauren (designer clothes for men and women)
  • Conde Nast (books, magazines)
  • (discounted shoes, boots, sandals, heels, handbags, clothes and accessories)
  • GAP (trendy pants, shirts, dresses for all ages)
  • Victoria's Secret (designer bras, panties, sleepwear and swimwear)
  • Aeropostale (today's trends in clothing for teens and young adults)
  • Forever 21 (fashions for teens and young adults)
  • Sierra Trading Post (outdoor, camping and hiking gear and clothes)
  • Parts Express (audio, video and speaker parts and equipment)
  • A Cherry On Top (scrapbooking, arts and craft supplies)
  • J. Crew (iconic, timeless clothing for men, women and children)
  • Free People (apparel, accessories and shoes)
  • Shopbop (women's clothing, shoes and jewelry)
  • DSW (brand name shoes, hosiery and accessories at discount prices)
  • Neiman Marcus (designer fashion, jewelry, handbags and shoes)
  • Kohl's (clothing, shoes, kitchen and bath goods, bedding)
  • And many more

MyUS offers international shipping to TUR when many American shopping websites do not. Shop as often as you like, and we'll be waiting to ship your goods directly to you.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship to Turkey from the USA?

With a MyUS membership you can save a lot on shipping. Our members take advantage of:

MyUS is always working on new ways to save our members money. With so many shipping options available, members are sure to find the one that's right for their budget.

Have a specific item in mind you want to ship? Estimate shipping rates with our online shipping calculator at the top of this page.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Parcel?

Depending on the shipping method selected, members can receive their packages in just 2 to 4 business days with our Express and Urgent delivery options.

For the more economical shippers, we offer Standard and Economy deliveries. These can deliver packages to members’ doors in as fast as 5 to 8 business days.

Avoid Items that Cannot be Shipped to Turkey

MyUS wants you to be aware of items that are banned from import into Turkey. Be sure to avoid these goods:

  • Viagra
  • Grain products
  • Tea
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Diamonds
  • Metals
  • Dry Ice
  • Soil
  • Cash
  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Most “dangerous goods”
  • Tobacco products (including E-cigarettes and vaping products) for FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS carriers.

For the full list of prohibited items, visit Turkey’s official website.

MyUS Ships All Across Turkey

You can shop US stores online with confidence, knowing MyUS handles the international shipping for you. We can deliver packages to just about anywhere within Turkey's borders.

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Bursa
  • Cankiri
  • Artvin
  • Canakkale
  • Yozgat
  • Nigde
  • Mersin
  • Sivas
  • Bolu
  • Usak
  • Aydin
  • Nevsehir
  • Tunceli
  • Afyon
  • Corum
  • Urfa
  • Rize
  • Karaman
  • Giresun
  • Kurtalan
  • Diyarbakir
  • Erzurum

With nearly 20 years' experience shipping to Turkey and hundreds of other countries - including Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Greece - we've got you covered.

Notes on Shipping to Turkey: MyUS uses the following couriers: FedEx Express for express and urgent deliveries; FedEx, UPS and DHL for standard deliveries; FedEx Economy and USPS for economy deliveries; and Fedex Freight for freight shipments. All delivery time frames are based on averages. Shipping times may be impacted by unforeseen circumstances such as weather. MyUS cannot be held responsible for these instances. If you have questions regarding delivery times or international shipping, please contact our customer service department.

Weight Small Pack Saver 7 - 20 days Fedex Intl Connect 6 - 12 days Budget Economy 5 - 10 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days UPS Expedited 2 - 8 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days UPS Worldwide Saver 1 - 4 days
1lbs 13.99 USD 18.99 USD 26.99 USD 33.99 USD 33.99 USD 38.99 USD 39.30 USD 39.99 USD
2lbs 19.99 USD 26.99 USD 26.99 USD 33.99 USD 33.99 USD 45.99 USD 43.55 USD 47.99 USD
3lbs 26.99 USD 33.99 USD 26.99 USD 34.99 USD 34.99 USD 52.99 USD 44.61 USD 58.99 USD
4lbs 32.99 USD 42.99 USD 27.99 USD 36.99 USD 36.99 USD 60.99 USD 48.86 USD 67.99 USD
5lbs - 46.99 USD 31.99 USD 41.99 USD 41.99 USD 69.99 USD 50.99 USD 76.99 USD
6lbs - 51.99 USD 35.99 USD 45.99 USD 47.99 USD 79.99 USD 56.30 USD 86.99 USD
7lbs - 56.99 USD 36.99 USD 48.99 USD 53.99 USD 86.99 USD 60.55 USD 93.99 USD
8lbs - 60.99 USD 39.99 USD 52.99 USD 56.99 USD 91.99 USD 62.68 USD 103.99 USD
9lbs - 65.99 USD 42.99 USD 55.99 USD 61.99 USD 99.99 USD 65.86 USD 107.99 USD
10lbs - 69.99 USD 43.99 USD 58.99 USD 62.99 USD 102.99 USD 69.05 USD 111.99 USD