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Our revolutionary pricing system calculates rates by weight only*, not dimensions.

If your package's length + width + height is greater than 72 inches, to provide the dimensions

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*While 99% of shipments are calculated by weight only, TruePrice excludes packages with linear dimensions (length + width + height) greater than 72 inches (183 cm).

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Some countries have a “de minimis value” on imported goods, but Uruguay does not. This means that all shipments, regardless of declared value, are subject to tax and duty. Duty and tax are not included in MyUS shipping costs.



The MyUS Advantage:

We offer free package bundling. Order from multiple sites, we’ll combine your purchases into one or fewer boxes, and you enjoy awesome savings on shipping!


We make the shipping process as quick as possible. From the moment your items reach our warehouse, we are working fast and carefully to get your purchases delivered ASAP. The average delivery times from the USA to URY are as follows:

  • Express shipping: 2-4 days
  • Standard shipping: 5-8 days

We care about getting your packages delivered to your doorstep safely and quickly, and we pledge to treat every parcel as if it’s our own.


The MyUS Advantage:

Our couriers alert us immediately to local issues that could impact your shipments. In the event of a weather problem, we can hold your packages or re-route them to ensure they stay safe and are delivered to you unharmed.



Skip delays with your delivery by avoiding items that are prohibited and banned by Uruguay customs. These customs laws can be updated at any time - use the links below to double check before you buy:


The MyUS Advantage:

We have a top notch customs team that inspects all packages entering our warehouse to ensure that they will clear US and Uruguay customs. If there is an issue, we will contact you immediately and assist with returns for prohibited items, or permits for restricted items.

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Buy From America and Get Cheap Delivery to Uruguay

Shopping US websites and shipping to Uruguay doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. MyUS Membership makes online shopping fun again. As a MyUS Member, you can shop virtually any US website and store, regardless whether they directly ship to Uruguay. You can also save a lot on shipping. How does MyUS make it all happen? Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Join MyUS, and get a US mailing address immediately
  2. Buy what you want from virtually any website, even those that do not ship internationally
  3. At checkout, enter your new MyUS shipping address as your “ship to” address
  4. Your packages arrive at our US facility and we’ll reship them fast to your home in URY

Shop and ship the stores you love from the comfort of home with MyUS.

What Stores Ship to Uruguay With a MyUS Membership?

With a MyUS Membership, you can shop the websites you want, when you want, and ship right to your door in UY. Not only does this give you the best selection, it also gives you the option to shop around for the best price. Which stores would you like to shop? Our Members in Uruguay shop so many US websites, here are a few favorites:

  • Conde Nast (cover prints, photos, magazines)
  • Time (maps, magazines)
  • (microscopes, kitchen goods, furniture)
  • (over 20 US magazines)
  • Wenner Media (magazines such as Rolling Stone, Us Weekly)
  • (magazine publisher)
  • (clothes for baby, kids, teens and adults)
  • (bi-weekly financial publications)
  • (Magazines, books, digital books)
  • (packing and shipping supplies, office supplies)
  • (men’s magazine)
  • (art supplies, sketchbooks, paints)
  • (home design and decor)
  • (periodicals and books for the hobbyist)
  • (industrial equipment and tools)
  • (makeup for eyes, lips, cheeks)
  • Karlsson Robotics (breakout boards, LCDs, cellular)
  • Other World Computing (storage and Ram to upgrade Macs)

This is only a small fraction of the choices our Members have. Join now and start shopping your favorite websites within minutes of signing up.

Does MyUS Ship to Every City in Uruguay?

We’re proud to say that we ship goods all around the world, including the country of Uruguay. Whether you’re located in the capital of Montevideo or one of the smaller cities such as Rosario or Libertad, we can deliver to you. Our delivery routes include, but are not limited to, these cities:

  • Nueva Palmira
  • Libertad
  • Rosario
  • Montevideo
  • Ciudad de la Costa
  • Paysandú
  • Juan Lacaze
  • Las Piedras
  • Rivera
  • Maldonado
  • Tacuarembó
  • Melo
  • Mercedes
  • Treinta y Tres
  • Bella Unión
  • Minas
  • San José de Mayo
  • Durazno
  • Paso de los Toros
  • Barros Blancos
  • Ciudad del Plata
  • San Carlos
  • Colonia del Sacramento
  • Pando
  • Artigas
  • Paso de los Toros
  • Carmelo
  • Rocha
  • Fray Bentos
  • Trinidad
  • Nueva Helvecia
  • La Paz
  • Canelones
  • Dolores
  • Young
  • Santa Lucía
  • Progreso
  • Paso de Carrasco
  • Río Branco
  • Salto
  • Florida

This is only an example of our delivery area in URY. Rest assured that we can deliver to your city, even if you do not see it listed above. Our shippers are in South America on a daily basis, delivering to Uruguay and your neighboring countries of Argentina, Brazil, ParaguayChile and Bolivia.

Air Freight: What is the Cost to Ship from the United States to Uruguay?

Nervous that the cost to ship overseas will be outrageous? When you’re shipping from individual stores on your own it can be pricey, but MyUS Members have access to exclusive discounts on overseas shipping. How? As an international shipping company, we handle a large volume of shipments on a daily basis and because of this, we’ve secured special volume discounts with DHL, USPS and FedEx. But that’s just the beginning. Here are some of the other ways we help our Members save on shipping:

  • Premium MyUS Members receive an extra 20% off every shipment
  • We calculate shipping fees by weight only, not weight PLUS package size like our competitors. We call it “TruePrice”, and it has already saved our Members over $2 million
  • We offer free package consolidation: we remove unnecessary packaging and combine multiple boxes into one, which reduces shipping fees dramatically
  • We never charge airplane fuel fees, unlike most of our competitors

Ready for a free quote on shipping from the USA to URY? Use our calculator at the top of this page to get started. Please note that special Member discounts (such as 20% off for Premium Members) will not appear until you are logged in as a member.

How Long Will It Take to Ship from America to Uruguay?

We strive to provide our Members with the fastest shipping experience possible, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our shipping options and typical delivery times. These are the estimated delivery times of two popular shipping options:

  • Express Shipments: 2-4 days
  • Economy Shipments: 5-8 days

We work hard to ensure shipments leave our warehouse within 24 hours and we ship packages around the globe 6 days a week!

Uruguay Customs Regulations: What is Prohibited From Import?

All countries have import and export bans, and our compliance team has the experience to help you navigate the differences between banned and restricted goods. Banned and/or prohibited goods are never allowed for import, and MyUS cannot ship these items. If you accidentally purchase a banned item, we will be happy to assist you in returning it for a refund. Some banned items include:

  • Eyewear, including eyeglasses, frames and contact lenses
  • Toys
  • Negotiable bonds and drafts
  • Products made in Iran
  • Tobacco products (including E-cigarettes and vaping products) for FedEx, DHL, and USPS carriers.
  • Powders
  • Acids
  • Breakable or fragile antiques
  • Pornography
  • Ivory

For a complete list of goods banned or restricted from import to UY, please visit the customs website of Uruguay.

There are also items labeled “dangerous” or “restricted” by your local customs office, such as paint, nail polish and batteries. In many cases, these items can be shipped with the proper permits and packaging. Unlike most shipping companies and freight forwarders, we have an expert compliance team that can assist you in obtaining the proper permits and packaging for these items.

Shipping estimates given on this page can be affected by conditions beyond our control, such as weather, political forces and your local customs office. Please the MyUS FAQ page for more information. Economy shipping is provided via USPS or FedEx Economy, Freight shipping via FedEx Freight and Express shipping via FedEx Express and DHL.
Weight MyUS Swift Saver 1 - 4 days Budget Economy 5 - 10 days Fedex Intl Connect 10 - 20 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days
1lbs 22.74 USD 27.52 USD 29.99 USD 36.72 USD 37.79 USD 43.27 USD
2lbs 25.00 USD 32.01 USD 33.99 USD 42.25 USD 38.84 USD 51.55 USD
3lbs 27.69 USD 40.02 USD 36.99 USD 51.48 USD 41.99 USD 63.48 USD
4lbs 33.85 USD 44.56 USD 40.99 USD 59.45 USD 51.44 USD 75.34 USD
5lbs 33.85 USD 48.00 USD 43.99 USD 62.89 USD 56.69 USD 84.67 USD
6lbs 34.92 USD 55.96 USD 47.99 USD 71.81 USD 67.19 USD 92.24 USD
7lbs 44.44 USD 57.06 USD 51.99 USD 76.33 USD 79.79 USD 96.82 USD
8lbs 49.18 USD 64.99 USD 55.99 USD 84.32 USD 88.19 USD 109.97 USD
9lbs 57.38 USD 69.46 USD 58.99 USD 91.24 USD 97.64 USD 118.24 USD
10lbs 66.89 USD 70.49 USD 63.99 USD 94.59 USD 107.09 USD 121.84 USD