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When to Throw Away Your Expired or Old Make Up

While no one wants to part with their favorite lipstick, eyeshadow, or blending brush, keeping makeup too long or using brushes that have never been cleaned can be more than gross - it can be downright dangerous.

Some types of makeup can last longer than others, but nothing should be kept forever. Check out our basic guidelines for the average shelf life of most cosmetics, and if it’s time to pitch the old for the new, remember that MyUS members never pay sales tax from US websites, and can ship cosmetics worldwide in as little as 2-4 days!

Lipstick - 1 to 2 years

Many multicolored pink lipsticks with silver casings

Lipsticks and lipgloss provide a good environment for bacteria to grow, and since they’re applied to your mouth, you don’t want to hang on to them too long! A good rule of thumb is to replace every 1-2 years, but if the product starts to discolor, dry out, or doesn’t glide on as easily as it used to, it’s time to replace. Lip liners are typically drier than lipsticks and gloss, so they can last longer, about two years.

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Foundation & Primer - up to 24 months

Different sized makeup brushes and different textured foundations in beige

Foundations will vary since some are liquid and others powder, but typically they are good for one to two years. Throw them out earlier if they start to dry out, change color, or smell funny. 

Barcode on bottom of bottle

Many beauty products, especially foundations, now have an open jar symbol on the back of the label. This is the PAO (or Period After Opening) symbol, which indicates how long the product is good for after it has been opened.

Tip: keep a thin tipped sharpie marker with your cosmetics, and note the date and year you opened the product on the label to help you keep track of how long you’ve had it.

Blush & Contour - 2 years

Contour palette open with six nude colors on top of closed palette

Most blush and contour palettes are pressed powder and will last about 2 years. Liquid based products should be pitched sooner, about 12 months.

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Eyeshadow - 2 years

Multiple color shades of eyeshadow lined up parallel

Are some of the eyeshadows in the bottom of your bag older than your kids? While pressed powder eyeshadows seem to last forever, they should really be thrown out after two years for two reasons: they will harbor bacteria over time, and the quality of the product will diminish, making it harder to apply and affecting the color.

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Liquid & Pencil Eyeliners - 3 to 12 months

Different sized pencil and liquid eyeliners

Since liquid eyeliner is often used near or on the waterline, it can quickly harbor bacteria, so it should be replaced every three months, even sooner if it begins to dry out. And if you used any eyeliner, mascara, or shadow during an eye infection, get rid of it right away to avoid re-infection.

Pencil eyeliners won’t attract as much bacteria as liquid liner, since they typically are not used near the waterline, so in general, they can be kept about 12 months. Time to replace your eyeliner? Check out eye pencils and powders that are worth the splurge here

Mascara - 3 months

Mascara brush and woman's eyelashes zoomed in on face

Mascara has a short shelf life because of its use near the eye, about 3 months. If it starts to dry out, resist the urge to add water or saliva to make it last longer, both of these methods can add bacteria to the mascara and lead to eye irritation.

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Cosmetic brushes & Applicators - Clean at least once a month

Pile of makeup brushes and applicators on yellow towel

Dirty cosmetic brushes and tools can lead to clogged pores, irritated skin and bacteria, so if you’re part of the 39% of women who clean their cosmetic brushes less than once a month or the 22% that never clean them at all, time to get to it.

Makeup brush cleaner and mat inside product box

If you don't know how to clean your brushes, try the Go Clean Duo from Sigma Beauty. It contains a natural brush cleanser that's made with certified sustainable, ethically sourced palm oil and virgin coconut oil, and a cleansing mat with seven different textures for the deepest clean possible. Buy the set here. And if you need to replace a few brushes or your whole set, here are some makeup brushes we're loving right now

When In Doubt, Throw It Out!

Sometimes there are obvious signs that a product has gone bad - maybe it smells funny, looks different than it used to, or feels odd to the touch. If the product looks, smells or feels different, be safe and throw it out. It's also important to resist the urge to share makeup with friends or family because it can spread bacteria and infections. And if you get an eye infection, pitch your eye makeup to avoid reinfection!

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