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Xetum Watches: High Quality and Style at Reasonable Prices

The new American watch company Xetum is filling a void in the watch market with high quality, fashionable timepieces at affordable prices.

So many of our international members love buying and shipping watches (especially our members in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Qatar, Australia, England, South Africa, India and Switzerland, which are the countries that have shipping the most watches with us so far), so we know a bunch of you are going to love this post!

As recently as a few years ago, the only choices in the wristwatch market were flimsy, cheaply-made watches from inexpensive brands or high-end designer watches that carried astronomically high price. Xetum’s new watches offer a third choice that fits neatly in the middle of the two extremes. 

Because they design all of their products in California, USA, the watches feature a subtle, elegant appearance with a hint of modern trends. All Xetum watches feature a clean, round case; these cases are so clean, in fact, that the company considers “lugless cases” its signature appearance. 

The watch band is equally elegant and timeless, as it comes in either black or brown leather with colored stitching on either side. A stainless steel band is also available. The watch faces are available in black, brown or off-white, and feature either a second hand (on the Stinson model) or a sub-dial that ticks away the seconds (on the Tyndall model pictured above).

All of Xetum’s watches are built in the Jura valley of Switzerland and use the highest quality Swiss movements. The 27-jewel movement is also fully automatic and can last up to 42 hours without winding.  Even though the Xetum Tyndall watches use the same Swiss movements that its larger, more expensive competitors like Breitling and Bell & Ross use on their high-end models, the Xetum Tyndall line rings in at a much lower price.

If you’re shopping for a new timepiece this season, or if you would like to give a gentleman a gift that he will use and appreciate for years to come, consider a Xetum watch. The Stinson starts at just $995, and the Tyndall line starts at $1,395. Xetum has priced its top model, the Tyndall PVD, at $1,495. All models include free shipping to your suite.

Are you shopping for a watch this holiday season, or would like to give one as a gift? Use the comments area below to tell us about your favorite watches!


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