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MyUS makes it easy to shop your favorite US and UK stores online and ship internationally. Learn how package forwarding works and how you can save up to 80% on international shipping with MyUS. 

What is Package Forwarding?

Package forwarding is an international shipping service that allows you to purchase products from online stores worldwide and have them shipped to your home. With package forwarding, you can shop at stores that don't otherwise ship to your country or have excessively high international shipping rates. Package forwarding can help reduce shipping costs by offering various delivery options at discounted rates. 

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What's the Difference Between Package Forwarding and Proxy Shipping?

With package forwarding, you can purchase products directly from US and UK websites, giving you full control over placing your order. With proxy shipping, a third party will place an order on your behalf.

How Does Package Forwarding Work? 

 With package forwarding, you can shop online in the US and UK and ship worldwide. Here’s how it works: 

  • Join MyUS and get US and UK shipping addresses, low international shipping rates, and more!

  • Shop all your favorite US and UK stores and send your purchases to a MyUS facility. 

  • We receive your packages and save you up to 80% by combining them into one shipment.

  • Your purchases are delivered directly to your doorstep in as fast as 2 days.


MyUS vs. Traditional Package Forwarding Companies

  Traditional Package Forwarding Companies MyUS
Shipping Costs Dimensional weight is calculated based on a package's length, width, and height. If the dimensional weight is higher than the package weight, you can be billed a significantly higher price. A light package can suddenly become expensive because of its size. Pay for the package weight only with MyUS TruePrice™* guaranteed pricing on US shipments. No hidden costs or complicated calculations here.
Package Consolidation Each package is forwarded separately, which means shipping costs can quickly add up. We'll consolidate your purchases from different stores into one package for FREE, saving you up to 80% on standard international shipping rates.
US Sales Tax Pay applicable US sales tax on every purchase (sales tax percentage varies by state). Enjoy sales tax-free shopping from US stores. Pay 0% sales tax on every purchase, every time.
Shipping Insurance Shipping insurance may or may not be offered. You can purchase shipping insurance for $3.50 per $100 of insured merchandise value, covering loss or damage to the items in your shipment.
Tracking Tracking may or may not be provided. Door-to-door tracking on every shipment.

*Oversized shipments with linear dimensions over 72 inches and require specialized packaging [i.e. crates], are not eligible for TruePrice rates 

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Where Can I Forward My Package?

MyUS ships to over 220 countries and territories worldwide, including:


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How Does Reshipping Work?

Once you've placed your online order at your favorite US or UK store, it will be shipped to the MyUS warehouse facility, where we will prepare all necessary re-packing and international shipping documentation to reship the package to your home address. If you've placed multiple orders, we'll consolidate your purchases into one package, saving you up to 80% on standard international shipping rates. Most packages are delivered in just 2 to 4 days once they leave the MyUS facility. 

What Can You Buy in the US & UK and Ship Worldwide?

With MyUS, you can shop all your favorite US and UK stores and ship internationally, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more. Shop clothing, shoes electronics, beauty, home goods, and so much more.

Stack of Clothings


Red Sneakers


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Chair Homegoods

Home Goods

However, there are some items we cannot legally ship due to customs laws and carrier or airline restrictions. Be sure to read our prohibited and restricted items guide before shopping to avoid disappointment.


Shop US and UK Stores with MyUS

  • Shop Direct

    Shop directly from US & UK stores and use your MyUS address as the "ship to" address when you check out. It's that simple!

  • MyUS Shopping

    Shop products from Amazon and other US stores with one easy checkout, and we'll send them to you in a single bundled shipment.

  • Buying Assistant

    If a store doesn't accept your international billing address or payment method, let MyUS know what you want, and we'll buy it for you!


Why Choose MyUS?

MyUS makes it easy to enjoy fast, worry-free shipping at great rates! Discover the many benefits of being a MyUS member, including:

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