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How to Save on International Shipping

The busy holiday season is here and with that comes plenty of great online sales at all your favorite USA stores. Now that we’ve told you where to find the best deals and when to buy items at their cheapest, we’d like to share some helpful tips to save on your shipping expenses. Here are some quick and easy ways to make sure you are always sending the most cost-effective shipments.

* Shop early! If you know you’ll be doing quite a bit of holiday shopping in the USA, make sure you send all of your items to arrive to your suite with enough time allowed to get to your home before the holidays. Our Premium members will want to take full advantage of our consolidation services so that all your items can be boxed together.

* Don’t forget DIM weight. Please remember that our shipping partners charge by the weight of your shipment or the size of your shipment, whichever is greater. Read more here. If possible, it’s best to purchase bulky items like pillows and bean bag chairs at home as they tend to be expensive to ship based on their large size.

* Ask for shoe boxes to be removed. If you’re ordering shoes, those shoe boxes can take up a lot of room and we will be able to better consolidate your package if you ask for us to remove those. As a Premium member you are able to put special instructions in your account to do so.

* Do not request original boxes. These tend to be rather large and can add to both the weight of your shipment and the size. Allow us to consolidate into a smaller package for you.

* Do not request gift boxes. These are much cheaper to purchase in your own country as these only add to your shipping price.

* Request invoices to be sent with your items. Avoid any delays or additional duties/taxes by ensuring that retailers provide invoices or receipts for items purchased.

* Premium Members: be sure to take full advantage of your upgraded membership by adding special instructions, like “remove additional packing” or “insert small items into larger ones” so that you are conserving as much space and weight as you can.

Don't forget you can rack up MyUS Rewards Points for qualifying shipments!

So, whether you want to ship to Australia, Sweden or to Canada, you will be ready to save as much as possible with these helpful tips!


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