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MyUS Is Now Shipping With FedEx International Connect!

If you've been shopping around and seeing tons of amazing US brands and online stores with all the things you want, let MyUS help you get them! Our 6 million+ members have relied on us to access all the essentials, splurges, and luxuries in their lives—and trusted us to help them ship it around the world.

International shipping with MyUS has gotten even sweeter now. We've added a new carrier to help you save even more!

Ship With Our New Carrier to Save

Don't let those scary rates stop you from shopping the US. The next time you're shipping goods from the US to any of the below countries, try out FedEx International Connect and see your shipping prices drop by up to 33%!

Our New Low Prices Start At...


Angola from $24.99

Ivory Coast from $24.99

Anguilla from $20.99

Lithuania from $13.99

Argentina from $17.99

Macedonia from $24.99

Bangladesh from $21.99

Mongolia from $18.99

British Virgin Islands from 16.99

Montserrat from $14.99

Cambodia from $26.99

Nepal from $17.99

Cameroon from $22.99

New Caledonia from $19.99

Canada from $15.99

Niue from $17.99

Cyprus from $17.99

Portugal from $13.99

Djibouti from $21.99

Rwanda from $22.99

French Guiana from $19.99

Samoa from $16.99

Gibraltar from $13.99

Solomon Islands from $20.99

Guadeloupe from $13.99

South Africa from $16.99

Guatemala from $22.99

St. Kitts from $19.99

Guinea Republic from $22.99

Tahiti & French Polynesia from $26.99

Haiti from $18.99

Ukraine from $18.99

Ready to Shop the US?

Here's how you can start saving on international shipping from your favorite UK stores and brands:

  1. Get your new US shipping address (free 30-day trial here)
  2. Shop US stores online & check out using your new US address.
  3. We ship your packages to your international doorstep fast! 

We can't wait for you to see the possibilities using MyUS. Enjoy our new low shipping rates using for shipping from the US to so many countries by signing up for a membership today!


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