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Information About Shipping form the USA to Your Country

2015 Update: We've made it easier to find shipping, export and duty and tax information for your country. Whether you live in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Ireland, the Philippines or anywhere else, we can ship to you!
We love to answer our customers’ questions, and we have been seeing several queries lately about shipping times to specific countries. provides details on average transit times, shipping rates, prohibited items and tax information for each of the more than 220 countries we serve. Here’s how to find information about shipping to your country.

Visit the website at Because we make country-specific information available to everyone who visits our website, it is not necessary to log in to your account to find information for your country.

Click “Ship Globally.” In the Ship Globally section of our website, we provide a wealth of information that covers everything from exchange rates to shipping calculators. This section is also where you can find information about shipping to your country.

Click “Country Details.” Our Country Details section provides shipping information, tips and resources for shipping to each of the more than 220 countries we serve.

Select your country. When you arrive at the Country Details section, you may not see information for your country right away. If you see information for another country, use the “Switch Country” section on the right side of the page to select your country. Click “Go,” and you’ll see shipping details specific to your country.

You can use the Country Details section of the website to estimate shipping costs, find approximate transit times, view a list of prohibited items for your country and much, much more. Of course, our  Customer Service department is always happy to help if you have additional questions or need assistance having a package delivered to your door.


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