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Ekaterina A. United States
I had great service from MyUS. I also used the live chat and the agent that helped me was able to help me resolve my problem quickly.
Joan United States


Don't see package count or dimension input? MyUS calculates rates by weight ONLY, regardless of package size and count.

 Excludes oversized and palletized shipments. Oversized shipments are those with linear dimensions (total Length + Width + Height) greater than 108" (274 cm).

Will I Have to Pay Duties and Taxes on My US Products?


Yes. Taxes and duties are usually accessed by local custom offices and varies from country to country. These fees are based upon your total purchase value and are typically due upon the receipt of your purchases. MyUS recommends budgeting for these fees ahead of time as they are not included in our shipping charges.



The MyUS Advantage:

Our staff examines every product that enters our facility to make sure it isn’t broken or damaged. If any item is damaged, we’ll contact you and help you return it to the store.

Can I Get My New Merchandise Delivered to Saint Helena Fast?

Yes! Our members alway have the option to chooses the fastest shipping option available. Right now, our average transit times from the USA to SH are:

  • 2-4 days with express shipping
  • 5-8 days with regular shipping

Save money on shipping by shipping several packages on one box. While you’re waiting for all your parcels to arrive, you can store them at our facility for up to 30 days.


The MyUS Advantage:

Our global shipping app lets you schedule deliveries and view your purchases on the go.

What Can’t I Ship Internationally to Saint Helena?

You can view complete lists of merchandise forbidden to import to Saint Helena via the links below:

MyUS is one of the few international shipping companies that can ship restricted or dangerous goods. We have an in-house team of experts on global customs laws and exporting regulations. As well as a wide range of special export permits for items that require special permissions or paperwork.


The MyUS Advantage:

We have the happiest customers in the world. Just visit our Facebook page to see our best-in-industry ratings from members who love being able to shop US stores.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

MyUS Makes it Easy to Buy US Goods and Get Them Shipped to Saint Helena

When you’re a MyUS member you can shop at your favorite US-based websites from the comfort of your home — even those that don't ship internationally to Saint Helena. With border-free shopping and affordable global shipping, MyUS is the shipping solution you can count on. Shop online for brand-name clothes, cosmetics, computers, cellphones, housewares, tools, generators and whatever else you may need, and have it shipped to your home in Saint Helena in just a couple days. Our service makes it this easy:

  1. Join MyUS today and you will receive your very own MyUS address and suite where you can store purchases for up to 30 days for free.
  2. Shop thousands of popular US stores online — even those don't ship overseas to Saint Helena. At checkout, use your new MyUS address as your shipping address.
  3. US stores ships your merchandise to the MyUS shipping warehouse.
  4. You can choose to ship your items as soon as they arrive, or hold them in your suite until all packages arrive and ship all in one box, which saves you up to 80% on shipping.
  5. When you’re ready to ship, we quickly and expertly repackage and ship your purchases to you in Saint Helena.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and then you'll be part of the 350,000+ satisfied MyUS members all over the world who enjoy border-free shopping and cheap international shipping.

Rates for Delivering Packages from the United States to Saint Helena

MyUS loves to save its members money on shipping. So much so, that we have saved them more than $70,000,000 on international shipping last year. It’s easy when we offer our members:

  • Premium Memberships that give you 20% off every international shipment
  • Free bundling and repackaging services (we eliminate unnecessary packaging and combine multiple packages into one larger, more cost-efficient savings)
  • Exclusive discounted shipping rates for FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS
  • Shipping rates based only on package weight - not weight AND size like our higher-priced competitors

You can check how much you can save on shipping to SHN from the USA with our free online shipping calculator at the top of this page.

Now You Can Shop Online at America's Most Popular Stores

Shop the stores you want - even if they say they can’t deliver to you. We take care of the international shipping for them. Our members can buy authentic, brand-name American merchandise from thousands of US stores, such as:

  • Amazon (plastic storage and organizers, books, DVDs, music, clothing, tools, appliances and much, much more)
  • (discounted brand-name dress, casual and athletic footwear, handbags and more)
  • (designer fashions, shoes, fragrances, jewelry and home decor and bedding)
  • Express (men's and women's business, casual and occasion clothing and accessories)
  • His/Her Room (bras, underwear, sleepwear, athleisure wear, shapewear, camisoles, swimwear for her; boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, T-shirts, sleepwear and more for him)
  • Kohl's Department Store (clothing, luggage, jewelry, housewares, shoes, outerwear and more)
  • Import CDs (world's largest selection of CDs, vinyl, Blu-ray discs and DVDs)
  • Clinique (skincare, makeup, fragrances and gifts)
  • Estee Lauder (high-performance skincare, makeup, fragrance, videos, more)
  • (essential oils and more)
  • (clothing, housewares, tools, electronics, cell phones and cases and more)
  • Rainbow (womens, plus size and kids clothing, shoes, accessories)
  • Paper Mart (packaging supplies, gift boxes, envelops and more)
  • TCP Global (automotive paint, auto body supplies, airbrush equipment, car detailing supplies, pinstripe paint, spray guns and safety respirators)
  • 6pm (discounted fashions, clothing, T-shirts, handbags and backpacks, accessories, jewelry)
  • Office Depot (electronics, office supplies and furniture, computers, printers and more)
  • The Comfort Zone (skincare, body care, bridal services, spray tanning supplies, makeup)

Just think about how freeing it will be to shop the stores you want when you want to - you’ll never have to check if another store ships to SH again! You can also take advantage of our Personal Shopper program if any of these stores don’t accept your international credit cards. We like eliminating all of the hassles from overseas shopping. As soon as you join, all your favorite brand-name merchandise is just a click away.

We Deliver to Saint Helena

After you’ve finished your shopping, all you have to do it pick a delivery option and wait a few days for your package to arrive from the United States of America. MyUS makes fast deliveries around the globe every day, including to these locations in SHN:

  • Georgetown
  • Two Boats Village
  • Cat Hill
  • Traveler's Hill
  • Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
  • Thompson's Hill
  • New Ground
  • Bamboo Hedge
  • Hutt's Gate
  • Longwood
  • Levelwood
  • Blue Hill Village
  • Broadbottom
  • Barren Ground
  • Briar's Village
  • Ladder Hill
  • St. Paul's
  • Half Tree Hollow
  • Haytown
  • Jamestown

MyUS also delivers to cities, towns, settlements and villages in more than 220 countries and territories including Angola, Namibia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Côte d'Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

How Soon Can You Receive Your New US Products in Saint Helena?

Our goal is to have your purchases to you as fast as possible. We offer our members fast deliveries as well as cheaper options, so the choice is yours.

If you would like your new American merchandise delivered in just two to four business days, choose an Express or Urgent delivery options. Our more economical delivery choices will save you more money and have your products to you in about five and eight business days.

These Products Cannot be Shipped Overseas to You

As an international shipping service, we must obey all of Saint Helena’s import laws and regulations. We will not ship any item that SH has forbidden from entering its borders. You can help ensure the quickest delivery times by avoiding these items:

  • Most animal furs, animal hair and wool
  • Beef jerky and salami
  • Knives (flick, gravity, spring and butterfly knives)
  • Samurai swords longer than 50cm
  • Chili (except dried whole chilies), chilli products, curcuma, curry powder, palm oil, turmeric
  • Products made in Iran
  • Fictitious stamps
  • Seeds
  • Vegetable matter
  • Eggs
  • Straw, soil
  • Meat, milk products and whey protein meant for personal consumption
  • Counterfeit goods, coins and banknotes
  • Lottery materials
  • Goods made in prison
  • Asbestos
  • Indecent or obscene material
  • Video senders (equipment capable of transmitting video images)

Learn more about all of Saint Helena’s import restrictions at their customs website. Note: If you purchase restricted or items that are considered “dangerous” (like lithium batteries or aerosol sprays), MyUS is one of the only global shippers that can assist you with the additional steps required for safe and legal shipment.

See how easy, fast and affordable border-free shopping can be. Join MyUS today and take advantage of our 20 years of experience and expert customer service that has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

All delivery times to Saint Helena are based on averages of deliveries not disrupted by inclement weather, mechanical duties or delays at local customs among others. For more information on international shipping delivery times, contact the award-winning MyUS customer service team via phone, online chat or email. MyUS uses FedEx Express for express deliveries; FedEx, UPS and DHL for standard deliveries; FedEx Economy and USPS fro economy deliveries; and FedEx Freight for freight shipments.