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Very professional fast shipping great communication
soc Cyprus
Highly recommended. Thank you MyUS for this great service. Staff (Morgan and Michael) was very helpful and replied to emails within a day! Extremely fast shipment! Will def use this service again
Marianna Cyprus
Everything went smoothly and I received my items today! You have earned a satisfied customer. It seems that you guys are very good professionals. Keep up the good work! Many thanks.
George Cyprus

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Don't see package count or dimension input? MyUS calculates rates by weight, regardless of package size and count.*

 Excludes oversized and palletized shipments. Oversized shipments are those with linear dimensions (total Length + Width + Height) greater than 108" (274 cm).

Does Vatican City Charge Duties and Taxes on Imported Shipments?

Yes, you could be charged tax and duty on your US purchases. The amount will be dependent on how much your items are valued at.

We recommend that you plan for these fees when budgeting for your shipping because these governmental fees are not included in MyUS shipping costs.  These fees are typically due upon delivery. 


The MyUS Advantage:

It’s our mission to treat each parcel as if it were our own. We pack with extreme care to ensure your items are delivered safely and in one piece.

US to Vatican City/Holy See Delivery Times

As a MyUS member, you choose how fast you receive your goods. Based upon previous shipments, the average shipping times from MyUS to Holy See are:

  • Express: 2-4 business days
  • Economy: 5-8 business days

If you’ve made purchases from several stores, you can store your purchases at our facility for up to 30 days at no additional charge (depending on your membership level). This allows you to save even more by receiving one large shipment instead of several, smaller (more expensive) shipments.


The MyUS Advantage:

Members have access to schedule shipments from their phone. Download the MyUS App now to choose the fastest or most cost-effective delivery method from wherever you are.

What Can't I Legally Ship to Holy See?

All countries ban certain items from import. You can view Holy See's been and restricted items list by clicking on the links below. Please note: The US also has export restrictions which also apply.


The MyUS Advantage:

MyUS has consistently been the most-trusted international shipping and consolidation company in the industry since 1997. We have the best Facebook, SiteJabber and TrustPilot ratings in the industry.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

How to Shop US Websites & Ship Purchases to Holy See/Vatican City When Stores Don’t Offer International Shipping

Are you tired of shopping online and loading up your cart only to find out at checkout that the store doesn't ship internationally to Vatican City? That’s really frustrating. Avoid the heartache and pain and join MyUS. MyUS handles all your global shipping so you can shop the stores you want. Ready to shop to your heart's content? Here's how to get started:

  1. Sign up for a MyUS membership and receive a personal MyUS shipping address
  2. Shop online at all of your favorite American stores
  3. At Checkout, enter your new MyUS address as the “Ship To" address
  4. The stores deliver your parcels to us (Tip: save even more money by taking advantage of the stores that offer free shipping within the USA)
  5. We bundle and re-package your items (to reduce shipping costs by as much as 80%), then ship them to you in VCT

MyUS is the fast and affordable global shipping solution for more than 350,000 members around the globe. Join us today and start shopping immediately.

Shop Virtually Any US Store from Your Vatican City Home

Now you can buy toys, games, electronics, makeup, motorcycle parts, fashion apparel and so much more online - even from stores that don't directly offer delivery to Vatican City. Our Holy See Members love to shop at:

  • USA (books, comic books, DVDs, electronics, tools, clothing, home and kitchen goods)
  • (designer fashions, shoes, accessories, outerwear and home goods and decor)
  • Juicy Couture (trendy fashions and accessories for women)
  • (trendy casualwear, outerwear, t-shirts and more)
  • Victoria's Secret (designer bras, panties and lingerie)
  • (vitamins, non-prescription medicine, first-aid supplies, beauty and healthcare products)
  • Century 21 (clothing, shoes, accessories and more for men, women and children)
  • J. Crew (clothing, outerwear, accessories, bags, luggage and more)
  • Disney Store (character-inspired toys, plush, clothes, sleepwear, toys, DVD, collectibles and more)
  • (cosmetics, non-prescription medicine, heath care, skincare and hair care products)
  • Pottery Barn (furniture, bedding outdoor goods, decor, gifts)
  • Puritan’s Pride (vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements)
  • (decorations, balloons, party supplies, plastic silverware and cups and more)
  • NYX Cosmetics (lipsticks, eyeshadow, foundations, blushes, skincare and haircare)
  • (travel-size personal care, laundry, medicine, food, beverage item)
  • (vibrant lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polish, skincare, makeup applicators)
  • (trendy fashions, accessories and outerwear for teens and young adults)
  • Hearst Communication (magazines, references, periodicals)
  • Kohl's (home goods, luggage, costume jewelry, shoes, clothing and accessories)

If you're using a form of payment that US stores don't accept (international credit cards for example), MyUS can handle that too. We have a Personal Shopper program that purchases the items on your behalf. We’ve got you covered!

Cheap, Reliable Air Shipping to Holy See

When you become a member, you have access to low shipping fees. We're here to save you money on every delivery. We're able to offer some incredibly low shipping rates because:

  • We only charge based on package weight, not package weight AND size, like other, more expensive, shipping companies charge. That's the MyUS TruePrice pledge.
  • We ship so many packages that we receive discounted bulk rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL and we pass those savings onto you.
  • We never charge airplane fuel fees like other companies do.
  • Our bundling and consolidating services are always free (unlike many of our competitors).
  • Our Premium Members save an additional 20% on every shipment.

More about our parcel bundling and repackaging services: If you shop from several stores, we will hold your items (free for up to 30 days depending on your membership level) until they all arrive at our shipping center. Then we carefully pack them into one box to reduce your shipping costs (this is much cheaper than shipping each item separately like stores do). You can save up to an additional $400 a year with this free service alone. That's just one of the reasons more than 350,000 members use us for all of their international shipping needs.

We Deliver All Over in Vatican City

MyUS is the global shipping expert with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We can deliver anywhere in Holy See. In fact, we ship to more than 220 countries including all around Italy as well as Malta, Greece, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain and Albania.

Certain Items Are Banned from Entering Vatican City’s Borders

It is illegal to ship any of the following items to VA, due to their customs laws and regulations:

  • Acids
  • Bearer documents
  • Ice (wet)
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactives
  • Log and timber products from Liberia
  • Firearms
  • Pornography

You can always access this information at Holy See's customs website. Take note that banned items differ from “restricted” or "dangerous" goods. MyUS has the ability to ship restricted and dangerous items overseas, unlike freight forwarders or other global shipping companies. We have the required permits, paperwork and packaging needed for legal shipment.

MyUS Delivers to VAT in as Little as 2 Days

MyUS partners with FedEx, USPS, DHL and UPS to ensure your goods will be delivered fast. Based on the delivery methods available to choose from, you can plan to receive your new merchandise in:

  • 2-4 business days with Express Deliveries
  • 5-8 business days with Economy Deliveries

To help decrease shipping times, our couriers pick up parcels directly from our facility daily. Your shipments is usually ready for import within 24 hours after we receive your final items. Join MyUS today and you'll be amazed at just how fast, reliable and fast international shipping can be.

The delivery times to Holy See/Vatican City discussed above are estimates based upon prior deliveries. Transit times are subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to bad weather, delays at local customs offices or peak shipping times. MyUS is not responsible for any such instances. Please direct all questions you may have to our Customer Service Team. MyUS ships via FedEX, DHL, UPS and USPS.