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Belarus does NOT have a “de minimis value” for tax and duty, so all imports to BY are subject to tax and duty charges.


These fees are not included in MyUS shipping costs and Members are responsible for paying these charges to the Belarus government. Sometimes these charges are due when your package is delivered.


The MyUS Advantage:

Our Customer Service Team is ready to answer your questions by telephone, via online message, Facebook, email or LiveChat, with extended hours to answer your questions when you have them.


On average, deliveries from the MyUS warehouse to Belarus arrive in:

  • 2-4 days with express shipping
  • 5-8 days with standard/economy shipping

We use extreme care when handling your packages, caring for each as if it were our own.


The MyUS Advantage:

You can view photos of your shipments when they arrive at our US warehouse. We can help you make returns if an item is not what you expected.


To avoid delays in your shipment, become familiar with customs laws. Use the links below to learn more about import bans:


The MyUS Advantage:

Unlike other companies, we can help you ship restricted or dangerous items (nail polish and lithium batteries, for example) by providing the proper packaging and permits.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from MyUS. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

How to Buy from American Stores & Ship to Belarus

Would you like the ability to shop popular US stores, even if those websites do not offer shipping to Belarus? With a MyUS Membership, you can shop from just about any website without worry over which American websites will actually ship internationally. And it keeps getting better - as a Member, not only can you shop the most popular stores online, but you can also save big on shipping. How do we do it? Take a look...

  1. Instantly receive your own US shipping address when you become a MyUS Member
  2. Shop the popular websites of your choice
  3. Use your new MyUS shipping address as the “ship to” address at checkout
  4. When your purchases arrive at our US warehouse, we’ll bundle them into one box to reduce your shipping costs and then re-ship the box to your address in BLR

MyUS makes international shipping fun and stress-free. Become a Member today.

What Stores Can You Shop When You Join MyUS?

Would you like the freedom to shop at the stores you prefer, not just the ones that offer shipping to Belarus? With a MyUS Membership, thousands of websites are ready and waiting for you. Whether you’re in the market for the newest toys, the latest and greatest in technology, or just want to buy your favorite clothes from the USA, we have you covered. Buy the items you want, from stores like these:

  • (cruelty-free skin care, eye creams)
  • (cosmetic powders, blushes, bronzers)
  • (makeup, cosmetic brushes, makeup remover)
  • (apparel for men, women, kids, housewares)
  • (recyclable water bottles, liquid soap, wallets)
  • (prestige cosmetics, fragrances, makeup, skin care)
  • (iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, Macbooks)
  • (skateboarding & snowboarding gear, apparel)
  • (auto parts, electrical conductors, video game consoles)
  • Asos (women's clothing, maternity wear)
  • (mens shirts, shorts, pants, jeans)
  • Under Armour (athletic apparel including shorts, sweatshirts, tank tops)
  • (petroleum jelly, shampoo, lipstick)
  • Bath & Body Works (candles, antibacterial soaps)
  • MAC Cosmetics (luxury cosmetics including eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations)
  • (lipstick, lip gloss, lip stains)

This list of American stores is just the beginning. There are unlimited shopping options available to you as a MyUS Member!

Quick Air Freight Shipping from America to BLR

Whether you’re looking for fast shipping, the cheapest shipping, or the best of both worlds, we have a shipping option that’s right for you. We work with only the best in the courier business to give you lots of options with great service. Here are the typical delivery times for two of our most popular shipping options:

  • 2-4 days with Express Shipping
  • 5-8 days with Standard Shipping

Ready to get started? Become a Member today and you could be shopping US websites within minutes.

What Is the Cost to Ship Overseas to Belarus from the United States?

Looking for the best shipping rates available? We keep our shipping rates as low as possible without skimping on service. We accomplish this in a number of ways, including:

  • Offering FREE parcel repackaging at our US facility (fewer boxes = greater savings)
  • Offering exclusive discounts with FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL
  • We NEVER charge airplane fuel fees (most of our competitors do)
  • We use TruePrice to calculate shipping fees, which uses weight only to calculate shipping, not weight PLUS size like other shipping companies and freight forwarders

How much will you save when you join MyUS? Use the calculator at the top of this page for a free US shipping quote. Please note: MyUS Member discounts will not be applied to shipping quotes until you are a MyUS Member.

Delivery Areas: Can MyUS Ship to My Town in Belarus?

MyUS delivers all over Europe, including the many cities and towns of Belarus, such as:

  • Minsk
  • Smalyavichy
  • Klyetsk
  • Luninyets
  • Barysaw
  • Zaslawye
  • Shklow
  • Nyasvizh
  • Orsha
  • Salihorsk
  • Lahoysk
  • Fanipal’
  • Valozhyn
  • Maladzyechna
  • Chervyen’
  • Horki
  • Zhodzina
  • Pastavy
  • Byerazinov
  • Kapyl’
  • Slutsk
  • Lyepyel’
  • Klichaw
  • Kirawsk
  • Vilyeyka
  • Lyuban’
  • Krupki
  • Uzda
  • Dzyarzhynsk
  • Mar’’ina Horka
  • Bykhaw
  • Baran’
  • Myadzyel
  • Pruzhany
  • Dzisna
  • Brest
  • Miyory
  • Staryya Darohi
  • Kobryn
  • Stowbtsy

Don’t see your city or town on the list? It’s no problem at all because this is only a small sample of the many areas we cover. We can likely deliver to your town too. We also make daily stops to your border countries of Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Banned & Restricted Items: What Cannot Be Legally Imported Into Belarus

MyUS cannot ship goods that are banned by the US for export, or banned by Belarus customs for import. Before shopping, be sure to become familiar with the import bans that have been put in place by BLR customs. Avoid purchasing the following products when shopping US websites:

  • Gold
  • Credit cards
  • Nuclear materials
  • Graphite products
  • Corrosives
  • Radioactives
  • Personal effects
  • Any printed material urging terrorism, violence, war, racism, anti-semitism or fascism
  • Explosives
  • Jewelry

For more information on import bans, please visit the official customs website of Belarus. Many common household products can be considered “dangerous” or “restricted”, but can still be shipped provided they have the proper packaging and/or permits. We’re experts when it comes to shipping restricted and dangerous goods such as paint, nail polish and aerosol cans. Let us help you properly ship these items safely to your door without delay.

Delivery times estimated on this page can be impacted by circumstances beyond our control. These conditions include, but are not limited to, inclement weather, local holidays and political forces. MyUS cannot be held responsible for these delays. Contact our Customer Service Department or our FAQ for more information. Economy shipping is provided via USPS or FedEx Economy, Freight shipping via FedEx Freight, and Express shipping via FedEx Express, DHL and UPS.
Weight Small Pack Saver 7 - 20 days UPS Expedited 2 - 8 days DHL Express 1 - 4 days Budget Economy 5 - 10 days FedEx Economy 2 - 5 days FedEx Priority 1 - 3 days UPS Worldwide Saver 1 - 4 days
1lbs 17.99 USD 30.99 USD 31.84 USD 31.99 USD 36.99 USD 47.99 USD 48.99 USD
2lbs 29.99 USD 38.99 USD 40.06 USD 32.99 USD 37.99 USD 47.99 USD 53.99 USD
3lbs 42.99 USD 44.99 USD 41.09 USD 37.99 USD 43.99 USD 51.99 USD 61.99 USD
4lbs 54.99 USD 53.99 USD 45.20 USD 45.99 USD 52.99 USD 60.99 USD 71.99 USD
5lbs - 61.99 USD 46.23 USD 51.99 USD 59.99 USD 66.99 USD 80.99 USD
6lbs - 71.99 USD 49.31 USD 55.99 USD 63.99 USD 71.99 USD 86.99 USD
7lbs - 75.99 USD 52.39 USD 56.99 USD 65.99 USD 73.99 USD 96.99 USD
8lbs - 84.99 USD 53.42 USD 56.99 USD 67.99 USD 75.99 USD 105.99 USD
9lbs - 95.99 USD 55.47 USD 65.99 USD 76.99 USD 77.99 USD 107.99 USD
10lbs - 97.99 USD 58.56 USD 66.99 USD 78.99 USD 78.99 USD 108.99 USD