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5 Reasons to Shop the USA

MyUS serves more than a quarter-million customers in 220 countries around the world, and all of them want to shop the USA -- from Saudi Arabia, South AfricaChina, the Philippines, Australia, Kuwait, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and beyond. See why they love shopping the US stores…

1. More Products

Our customers frequently tell us that they can find products in the USA that are simply not available in their own countries. Whether you’re looking for an authentic pair of blue jeans, a custom-made polo shirt or a box of Pop Tarts, you can easily find them in the USA.

2. Wider Selection

Not only are there more products available in the USA, there are more of them! If you want to buy a new TV, you can select from dozens of manufacturers, each with their own features and benefits. If you want blue jeans, you can select from regular fit, slim fit, boot cut, loose fit, extra loose fit and almost any other variation you can imagine. When you shop the USA, you can find the perfect product in the color, style and size that works best for you.

3. Lower Prices

MyUS customers tell us every day that they save money by shopping the USA. In many cases, an item sold by a USA retailer may cost half as much (or less!) than the same item sold by retailers in other countries. Even with international shipping costs and import duties, it is often significantly less expensive to shop the USA. And with the MyUS TruePrice™ shipping calculation, you pay what you're quoted - unlike competitors who often tack on additional shipping costs due to dimension weight or heavy packaging.

4. The Latest Fashions

Many Americans are very fashion-conscious, and the numerous USA retailers constantly stock the latest and trendiest fashion items. Whether you’re looking for a new t-shirt, a new dress or the latest shoes, you can find them at USA retailers like Moosejaw, Kohl’s and DSW.

5. Convenience

As a MyUS customer, you can choose from many of the latest and hottest products, pay a lower price, and get the items delivered to your door in just 2 to 4 business days. MyUS can even help clear your items through your local Customs office, and help you save up to 80% on international shipping rates through smart package consolidation, so it has never been easier or more convenient to shop the USA.

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