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Why are certain types of animal fur, wildlife products and plants restricted for export?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has determined that certain animal products cannot be exported, including endangered or threatened species, migratory birds and marine mammals.

MyUS does not allow products to be exported when they are made from animals protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Examples of animals and plants protected under CITES include alligators, crocodiles, elephants, rosewood, sturgeon caviar, python and teju lizard. More information on CITES and the wildlife it protects can be found here: http://www.cites.org/

Exporting USFWS restricted items from the US to your country

MyUS reviews animal products to determine if we are able to ship them in accordance with USFWS regulations. Additional fees may apply if the item is approved for export from the US. These items may contain sea shells (aquatic shells), animal teeth, animal horns, animal fur (e.g., fox, raccoon, coyote, mink, deer and rabbit), animal skins and leathers (e.g., ostrich, buffalo, bison), bird feathers, mother of pearl, untreated wood, plants, or any product that contains or is made of wildlife or plant material.

Common products where USFWS items may be found:

  • Boots and winter coats made of fur or with fur trim hoods
  • Handbags, jackets, wallets, shoes, and suitcases made of animal leather
  • Hats or clothing that have feathers
  • Musical instruments, watches and jewelry that contain mother of pearl
  • Wooden musical instruments made of rosewood, such as violins and guitars

Some of these items can be exported with no additional paperwork, while others require a declaration for import and export that must be filed with USFWS. We always recommend that you contact us before purchasing an item that may be subject to additional licensing requirements.

Importing USFWS items into the US

MyUS strongly recommends that you do not purchase products from other countries if they contain animal fur or other wildlife material. Products ordered from other countries require a completed import declaration, and any fees to complete the form will be charged to your MyUS account. An import declaration is required even if MyUS does not ship the product on your behalf.

In some cases, your shipment may be seized by customs if a proper import declaration is not provided by the shipper. If MyUS is not able to export a product that originated outside the US for you, due to USFWS regulations, it would not be returnable.

Be careful when ordering cosmetics from outside the USA. Many contain caviar or snail extracts that are restricted for trade. When purchasing from sites such as eBay or Amazon, pay close attention to the “Ships From” information. These sites provide listing services for third party sellers and often merchandise ships from outside the USA. MyUS will not be able to return these products to the seller.

Importing items containing animal products into your country

MyUS encourages you to confirm your country's import requirements for animal products. These regulations change frequently, and you are responsible for providing any import documents or permits to your customs office or the carrier when items arrive in your country.

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