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Can MyUS ship dangerous goods?

Yes, MyUS can ship Dangerous Goods to certain countries.

MyUS ships Class 9 Dangerous Goods, including perfume, nail polish, hairspray, spray-on sunscreen, and spray-on tan. We may also be able to ship lithium-ion batteries, depending on your country and our carrier’s ability to courier these goods to your area.

Special Handling

To properly package and label Dangerous Goods, the per-shipment handling fee is 8% of the total cost of the Dangerous Goods with a minimum cost of $29.99 when shipping with DHL or FedEx. This fee also applies to uninstalled lithium batteries.

If the lithium-ion battery is installed in the device it powers, there is an $8 handling fee per shipment to properly label and package the battery.

Some types of Dangerous Goods require Performance Oriented Packaging, which is generally required for higher-volume items like paint and is not required for lower-volume items like nail polish or perfume. We provide the boxes needed for this service at $24 to $50 per box, depending on the item.

Please contact us with the following information to determine if MyUS can ship your product.

  • Link to the item on the website from which you are purchasing
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS or MSDS) that can be obtained from the manufacturer or merchant
  • Shipping address where you would like to send these item(s)

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