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Can MyUS export agricultural Items like plants, seeds and soil?

MyUS can ship agricultural items for you if they meet US export requirements, and your country’s customs office allows them to be imported. Please make sure your agricultural products are properly labeled, including their genus, species and country of origin. The labeling requirement also applies to individual seed packets. We cannot ship or store any items we cannot identify, or are not properly labeled.

We are unable to export agricultural items if:

  • Your country prohibits these items
  • Your country requires a pre-shipment inspection
  • A phytosanitary certificate must be provided by the shipper to import the product

MyUS also cannot accept foreign seeds or plants that are not properly imported into the US. These items will be removed from your account upon receipt and properly discarded.

We are unable to store or export live plants or loose soil. We will automatically return any live plants to the sender, providing they are within the US.

Please contact your customs office to inquire about local import regulations, and contact us with a link to the item to determine if MyUS can export the items for you.

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